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Young artists learn fundamental steps needed to grow their brands during Raytalk season two

One of the main reasons why upcoming artists fail to reach their full potential is because of the lack of mentorship.


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With good mentorship, artists are able to avoid a lot of pitfalls and eventually end up being a success.

Veteran DJ D-lite –who has been in the show business for almost three decades now– and comedian MC Jessy, who also packs a well-decorated portfolio, united last week at Raytalk forum to educate younger artists on how they can successfully build their brands.

Raytalk season two kicked off at After 40 Hotel in Nairobi and saw dozens attend the free, four-hour class on how they can successfully push their music in Kenya, register in different Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), and how to get the attention of other top brands in the business.

The two guests also shared their inspiring journeys and how they managed to stay focused despite all the hardship they faced.

The free-to-enter inspirational and motivational talk forum for artistes seeks to train, nurture and equip both upcoming and established artistes on issues relating to and affecting their music careers.

Here’s a short recap of how it went down.

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