Willy Paul wonders what happened between him and singer Alaine after getting blocked, Kenyans show no mercy

Singer Willy Paul is currently in his feelings after noticing Jamaican singer Alaine is no longer the good ol friend he used to have.

Paul was on Instagram recently to confess how Alaine —-who everyone suspected he’s dating at one point—- no longer gives him the attention she used to shower him with.


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Worst of all, she has even blocked him on social media.

“Alaine, we were so good together dear,” said Paul on Instagram.

“To be honest meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true.. when u see a man admitting to such, that means something big. I woke up today feeling some type of way, you use to like my pics and comment on them.. nowadays I call you and you don’t pick.. you don’t even reply to my messages.. tell me, have I wronged you in any way?”

Alaine hasn’t answered ….. yet. But Willy Paul thinks maybe Tanzanian singer Nandy has something to do with all the negative silence he’s getting from her.

Tell me more…

The two have been busy getting really NASTY on public platforms both in Kenya and Tanzania …. and Paul thinks perhaps Alaine believes the two are also doing it between sheets at home.

“Me and her are just friends…. nothing more… that shouldn’t even worry you dear..” he continued.

“Like I said, I had so much hope in this.. you came to Kenya the other day n didn’t bother looking for me, I was forced to look for you.. what happened after that?? You blocked me.. mmmmh the reason I’m writing this here is for the world to at least help me get this message to you.. my mum keeps asking me where you disappeared to. But I’m glad you liked one of my posts the other day.. maybe that’s a sign. Madam boss please talk, unblock me, this silence is killing POZZE, you know who ur legit king is.”

Memories. When everything was all heavenly.

Willy Paul might be truly hurting …. or, it might just be yet another stunt orchestrated to push his new track dropping soon. Either way, most of his fans… ummm … don’t care.

Fans trolled him for the unexpected Instagram confession, hilariously roasting him for publicly crying for attention for a woman who is not even in the country.


“Leo bwana mkunaji inakaa utabaki umejikuna,” said one user.

“Hello Bro Willy Paul. The fact that Alaine blocked u means she is done. You need to show her you’re doing fine without her, inshort move on! She won’t come back if you’re pouring ur heart out on social media. Show her you have a life. It’s your boy. Love Genera” said Cyprian Nyakundi.

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