Why Businesses In Kenya Still Need A Website Despite Huge Social Media Growth

Why Businesses In Kenya Still Need A Website Despite Having A Solid Social Media Presence

Javan Samora

In the digital age, having a presence online is essential, but does that mean you need a website or are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn enough for your brand?

Many small businesses have generally neglected their websites because they have a good social media presence. 

Social media brings in a lot of orders, feedback and direct, instant interaction with fans, unlike websites which are relatively slower.

While this can easily fool you into thinking that you no longer need a website and can survive entirely on social media, let me break your heart by telling you that the opposite is actually true. 

With only social media channels, you don’t own your brand, you are limited by the interface and functionality of the social media platform.

Social media is limited by the analytics and insights available from the platform. With your website, you have full control.

And that’s not the only reason why focusing purely on socials might be a bad idea.

Below are solid explanations why ditching your website for social media might not be good.

Appear in searches

Social media posts rarely appear on Google searches. You might have gotten some really good interactions on your pages but after that, the post fades away and customers have to dig through your page next time in order to retrieve it.

Here’s an example: Let’s say I’ve announced my new QMG writing packages on social media but never bothered to post on our website. On social media, I get 100K likes and 2,000 comments which is a good thing.

On the contrary, two months down the line, it will all comes back to haunt me as customers will have a hard time finding this post especially, when they can’t remember my caption.

Why Businesses In Kenya Still Need A Website Despite Having A Solid Social Media Presence

Builds Reputation and Credibility

A business that has invested in a good website is respected and trusted unlike just having a social media page.

Having a user-friendly, well-designed and professional website gives an excellent first impression of your business to the consumer and aids the legitimacy of your business.

Superior marketing 

Like we mentioned earlier, you are in control when you have a website. That means you can talk to your customers whenever you want, however you want.

Communication possibilities are endless, allowing you to present your brand to your audience more creatively and uniquely. You can add videos, blogs, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Brand Identity

A professional website gives you a custom email address, domain name, look and feel that matches your organization. This strengthens your brand.

Why Businesses In Kenya Still Need A Website Despite Having A Solid Social Media Presence

A website ensures your success over the long term

A website, in the long run, is the best bet if you are looking for long-term success. It will drive more sales. It will enable you to understand your customers better through analytics. It establishes your place in the industry.   


The website vs social media argument has been a thing for a while now but it can be all too easy to miss the wood for the trees. A website and social media have different purposes and are very important for young businesses. 

Why Businesses In Kenya Still Need A Website Despite Having A Solid Social Media Presence

While social media lets you engage with your audience, lets them familiarize with your product and offers and gives you free advertising, a website is where your customers end up actually taking a profitable consumer action, like purchasing your product/service.

This means they need to coexist. Having both is therefore crucial for building your brand and making it successful. How you split your focus between the two is what matters most.