Wendy Waeni apologizes to Jalang’o after accusing him of failing to pay 4K debt: “I don’t know what happened but it won’t happen again”

Wendy Weani is sorry.


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Sorry to anyone she might have let down. She’s sorry for her mum. Heck …. she’s even feeling sorry for herself.

But most of all, she’s sorry of how she embarrassed comedian Jalang’o two years ago on social media.

During her appearance on Citizen TV’s JKL show, the 14-year-old gymnast told Jeff Koinange how her manager Joe Mwangi has ran away with her social media accounts after defrauded her.

And, …. she also shared, calling out Jalang’o on social media was not part of her plan at all.


“I’m really sorry I don’t know anything that goes in that account,” she said holding back tears.

“Actually that story about Jalang’o, I’m really sorry I don’t know what happened. I just heard that we had an online fight and I hope that, that will not happen again and all protocols just endorse me, that was not the real me and anyone who has been offended through my social media accounts.”

In 2017, Weani, through her social media accounts, blasted Jalang’o for failing to pay Ksh 4,500
after she performed at a show he hosted on KTN dubbed ‘Jalang’o with the money’.

Things kinda got hot for Jalang’o after the social posts.


“Jalang’o when are you paying me Sh4500 that you owe. I’m was still struggling in this industry..?? In case you have forgotten let me remind you that on that day you almost made us walk from Mombasa road to Huruma,” read Waeni’s Instagram post.

Jalang’o had to fight a lot of online criticism to prove he didn’t con the babie doll. But still, no one suspected it’s Mwangi pulling strings behind the scenes.

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