Watch the full interview of Zari responding to all allegations, destroying Diamond Platnumz and then warns Tanasha

Recently, socialite Zari Hassan had a lot to say —including warning Diamond Platnumz’ new catch Tanasha Donna—- in an interview with
Milard Ayo.


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A lot has been said about the mother of five regarding her break up with Diamond Platnumz and though she has responded in bits, Zari has never really given us the full story ….. well until now.

Oh shiiet…

In the hour-long interview cut into four parts, Zari shames Diamond, says he has been lying all along about their ugly break up, claims he wanted to marry her but she said no, he was sleeping around with no rubber with random women in their house …. and, that he has never bothered to visit his kids since they parted ways ….. nine months ago.

There’s more.

Wait, what?…

She also warned Tanasha, who, is already pregnant, assuring her to expected drama now that she’s planning to settle down with him.

Watch the interviews below:

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