Vera Sidika not happy after being ranked second On Top Gold Diggers List in Kenya ….she wanted to be number one. Hudda not on the list

A Kenyan newspaper has published a list of top gold diggers in the country and ranked socialite Vera Sidika at number two.

Sidika, as expected, didn’t like the report …. or the rankings.

The Citizen Weekly compiled a list of over 100 women they believe top the list of slay queens and gold diggers in Kenya. The list is full of politicians and other prominent names.


Vera reacted to the post through insta-stories saying it was trash …. but also couldn’t help and wonder why they never put her at number one.

“Kenyans, my pal from Sweden sent me this in this in the afternoon. It’s so funny but if you all gotta put me on any list, make sure I take the number 1 spot” Sidika.

Mike Sonko also stumbled on the list and couldn’t help but laugh …. and call it straight gutter.

“Hii magutter press ziko na maneno jameni. Ati Kenya’s top slay queens and Gold diggers,” wrote Sonko sharing a screenshot of the newspaper.

Interestingly, while women such as Betty Kyalo, Lilian Muli, Jacque Maribe and Ann Kiguta, who are normally on the blogs for their flamboyancy and get a lot of heat for “depending on men”, made it to the list, one who all Kenyans like pestering with gold-digging accusations was missing: Hudda Monroe.

C’mon now…

It was rather surprising that Huddah wasn’t on the list given how Kenyans on social media like calling her an escort and brush off her business 101 advice.

Still, the gutter report has excited a lot of Kenyans. Makes you wonder why. Perhaps because it has some truth in it?