They picked Jeff Koinange to represent Kenya at East Africa Got Talent but Ian Mbugua was the perfect choice

We celebrated Jeff Koinange being picked as a judge on East Africa Got Talent Show. But I can’t help and wonder how they passed on Ian Mbugua.


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9 O’clock news is important. Very. But…. Koinange has a very unorthodox way of presenting news. I hate it 😁.

Also, his judging on the show is…. eeeehhh. Remember he’s only a journalist.

This should have been Ian’s job.

Now hear this…

Kenya would have won big. These things need emotional guys and Ian is as emotional as they come.

We don’t want someone to just say “NO” after watching your horrible “All my guys are ballerz” performance on stage!

We want someone who’ll ask you: “What was that? Are you sick in your head? Please go and enroll in a nursery school to first know how to introduce yourself. For me it’s a NO.” 🤣


Ian is more than perfect for the job and his ruthless, dramatic exaggerations when giving his judgment would have turned him and the show into hundreds of memes.

Virality, in turn, would have boosted ratings and marketing of the show. East Africa Got Talent, being in its first edition, sure needs that.

A lot of factors might have led to Koinange being picked. TV Ratings and partnership affiliations, perhaps to avoid monotony, etc. Heck, maybe even Mbugua said no.

Still, we must all agree that no one would have represented Kenya better that Mbugua.

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