The same traits that gave Sheila Mwanyigha a chance to be on radio also phased her out

Sheila Mwanyigha recently told fans on her Instagram page that being on radio requires you to be unique.

“You can’t just go there and try to be like anybody else.” she said.

“Authenticity is the name of the game in radio. Radio was great but 19 years later, there is a lot of disruptions on radio, and everything changed.”

It’s true.


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Sheila was very authentic. A sweet, shyish mellow voice every day on Nation FM late-night shows…or on a nice easy afternoon on Kiss FM was a trophy then.

But it’s this very “soft-spokenness” that eventually came to edge her out of the radio business.

Wait, what?…

Late-night shows died because millennials and Gen Z no longer like ‘soap soap’ music. They don’t want to hear how you lit the candles before you whispered “Girl,,, when I look at the skies, I see your face every day. My heart spells your name whenever it pumps blood.” Such sweet nonsense.

That’s why RnB is dead too.


Radio, is also thriving on uptempo music and presenters need to be energetic and loud. With no late-night shows, where would have Mwanyigha squeezed in? AM Live? Not for long.

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