Teacher Wanjiku suffered for 4 straight years after ditching Churchill Show before getting a second chance to be on TV

What was supposed to be a happy, celebration month for comedian Teacher Wanjiku quickly turned into a horrific nightmare.

The comedian was at the top of the world. Her Churchill Show slots on NTV were on fire. Everyone loved her.

But in 2014, she messed all this up by accepting a deal from Citizen TV to have her own show.

Just like how it happened to Eric Omond when he left Churchill Show for KTN after his star started to shine, just a week after the first episode aired, Citizen TV quickly canceled Wanjiku’s show over poor ratings.

And that’s when the sky started falling.


“I really thought I got it right but it was a total flop,” Wanjiku admitted in an interview with True Love Magazine.

“No one wanted to listen to me. There was a lot of politics and speculation about why I left Churchill. No media station wanted to work with me. People thought I was unreliable and I lost friends. I was bitter and angry.”


After the flopped show, Wanjiku lost her touch ….. for a while …. and getting back to stardom wasn’t easy. For 4 years she tried making a comeback and at some point in 2018, a glimmer of hope shone.

“Life has to go on no matter what you have gone through in your career. Go back to the drawing board until you get it right,” she said.