Tanasha never bothered getting a wedding ring from Diamond coz a ring can’t keep a man

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna believes it’s very archaic and well, creepy, that some people still believe insisting on a wedding will make a man stick with you.

Putting a ring on it is not a solution to making your relationship last…and therefore, Tanasha, wants everyone to stop pressuring her to push Diamond Platnumz to marry her before she delivers… in two months.

“People think that marriage is what keeps a man. Not in this day and age,” she cursed online as thousands of followers continue to beg her.

“Idle minded people who expect others to get engaged according to their expectations Can we get engaged when we feel we’re ready? Damn, can they ever go a week without mentioning my name? It’s starting to get a little creepy now.”

Diamond and Tanasha during the weekend in an exquisite, invite-only party with only close friends and family made it official they are expecting their first child….a boy. That wasn’t the surprise of the night though.

Wait, what?….

The shocker was that Tanasha is not three, four or five months heavy but seven months pregnant. In an Instagram post, she detailed how she managed to hide the mini Diamond from prying followers…and haters.

“Crazy how some dresses hide my bump while others show them,” she said.

Tanasha, Diamond at the centre and Maina Kageni after the announcement.

“Well, that’s just from the front view lol (a little trick I learned when I was trying to protect my unborn son from the cruel social media, front view pics all the way!!). We couldn’t hide anymore, but protecting my son I will do with my life. 7 months pregnant, 2 more to go and I must say this happened so fast and all so unexpectedly, at first I was convinced I wasn’t ready, but as time goes I realize I couldn’t have received a better blessing from God.”

At only 24, however, her fans believe she’s truly not ready.

C’mon. Are you for real?…

Not because of her age but rather because of the drama Diamond –already a father of three, with two baby mamas, one who is 40— attracts.

All the same, she’s keeping her hopes up and is excited to be a mother soon.

“I can’t wait to meet you and be your mom and I pray to God every day to protect you from the evil eye. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I love you son and I will protect you with my life.” she said in another post dedicated to her unborn son.

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