Tanasha Donna finally reveals why Diamond dodged her album launch: I couldn’t pay him

Singer Tanasha Donna, now that she’s no longer dating Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, has finally come clean on what really happened between them during her EP launch in February that made the Tanzanian cancel his appearance last minute.

In a rather shocking move, Diamond backed out and also ordered his Wasafi team to fly back home, leaving Tanasha, who has only a year of experience in music, to go on with the event …. and it was a disaster.

Tanasha during the performance.

Though Tanasha claimed then that Diamond had to return home because of an emergency, she recently clarified things confessing that she actually lied.

Diamond ditched her coz she didn’t have money … money for his performance.

“It was a lot to do with when business and love meet there’s always issue,” Said Tanasha in an interview.

“That’s why they say don’t mix business with pleasure because something always seems to go wrong somewhere. So, I can say it was an issue with the management in terms of payment and a lot of other things that came behind it. But it was more business-related as to why he decided not to show up last minute.”

She went on to explain that she spent a couple of months before the event hustling for the cash, talking to sponsors here and there … and some of them promised they’ll support her but backed out last minute. Her ex-boyfriend, however, didn’t care though. He wanted his check.

The interviewer was shook.

Say that Again…

He couldn’t believe Diamond, who just had a child with Tanasha, could make her bend this far for an appearance.

“You were supposed to pay him to show up at your concert?” asked the dazed interviewer.

“Yes, I was. Can you believe that?” Tanasha replied.

It wasn’t easy for Tanasha to glue things up together. She did her best to bring the team together but evidently it wasn’t good enough.

“I was already doing everything on my own, me and my team. I have a small team but an amazing hardworking team. We did every single thing on our own from our pocket when it came to that event. So we really struggled. It was a hustle to do it.

She went on:

“We flew everyone in from our own connections, our own pockets and then last minute, you know how events happen. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked in events but you know how sponsors will promise something and they don’t end up giving at the end of the day…

“So things went a little South and as you know Diamond himself is not a cheap artiste; he is quite expensive, so, yeah, there was a whole back and forth with the management because of payment and a whole lot of stuff.”


Speaking of things going south, a lot went wrong on that fateful Friday. Her performance was a disaster and a few journalists complained of mistreatment. Her relationship was permanently dented from there on and the two split up just a few weeks later.