In today’s day and age, where the entire world has turned into one big global village, businesses need to be online not only to thrive but also to survive. 

Alongside offline opportunities, the web is ushering in a new range of opportunities to help small businesses in Kenya and Africa in general access knowledge, tools and even personnel, all available at the touch of a button. 

The growing prevalence of user-friendly online services allows businesses to reduce overheads and maximize growth potential.

It’s not a secret that businesses nowadays do understand that the internet can improve their Bottomline. 

However, most businesses have been unable to capitalize on these online services, some of which are free, not because they are not aware but simply because they lack the expertise and knowledge needed to thrive in this field. 

In the process, businesses end up making a lot of costly mistakes that could be easily avoided.

-A wrong social media strategy. 
-Not on Google business. 
-A poorly executed campaigns. 
-Wrong interpretation of data and analytics. 
-A wrong content strategy for their website. 

We can go on forever. A carpenter is only as good as his tools, and the same is true for online business owners. 

Successful businesses keep abreast with the digital world and remain in sync with technological innovators.

As a tech-savvy business owner or leader, you don’t have to move mountains or break down walls in order to ensure your business thrives – you just have to use the best online business tools.

At Qamil Media Group we show you how you can use these simple tools to your advantage. 

We provide simple services that are normally ignored by most business owners but mean a lot. 

QMG helps ambitious businesses differentiate, compete and have their voice online through creative, fast, flexible and pocket-friendly plan of action.

Launched in 2018, Qamil Media Group’s unique strategy has established it as the go-to source for small businesses across art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food, health, and travel in Kenya. 

QMG helps you bring products and services to market through nimble and robust ways of working. We first work hard to understand your business and your target audience before committing to any job.

Some of our services include: 

  1. Content Creation For Blogs
  2. local business listings
  3. Local blog coverage
  4. Digital brochures
  5. WhatsApp and other short business insta-clips
  6. Product photography
  7. Mobile App Dev
  8. Bulk SMS Marketing
  9. Influencers outreach and meeting set up
  10. Customer Feedback collection
  11. Digital Gurus hookup
  12. Profile curation and branding
  13. Social media strategy
  14.  IT support
  15. Training
  16. Infographs
  17. MAT Release(Adverts on print and online news publishers) 
  18. Graphics and Design 

Does your business need these ‘simple’ services? Please reach us through, or call 0704687824 for further discussion.