Small Businesses In Kenya Need To Rethink Their Website Approach

Javan Samora

Almost every business in Kenya, big or small, has a website but a majority of them are either half-dead or just being operated for the sake of it.

A quick look around you’ll notice most brands just have websites mostly to initiate contact.  

Others go an extra mile to give you “informative” content on their website under “blog” which in the end neither helps you as a customer nor them as a business. 

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So how should companies really approach content on their website?

There are many valid reasons to exclusively publish content on a company blog. 

For most small businesses, the focus is on strengthening the overall company name itself versus the actual human being or beings behind the companies.

This is a mistake.

Instead of publishing as a company, let the voice come from the Founder, CEO, or a well-known authority within the organization. 

Would you rather see Bill Gates’s name under an article or Microsoft Cooperation? Peter Ndegwa or Safaricom? 

For small companies, having their leader speak for the company other than just the company communicating behind these platforms is always a win. 

Some of the best small companies in Kenya have really benefited from this. Look at Bonfire Adventures for example. CEO and Co-Founder Simon Kabu is always in the lead when the company is trying to communicate new information. 

The solution is therefore to take one of these high authority figures within a small enterprise – again, typically a founder or CEO – and make them the voice of the content across that website. 

The more you can center a single person as the expert and authoritative figure that represents a business, the better. 

It doesn’t have to be always the CEO typing. This is where ghostwriting helps. 

We can argue website content has many functions from product information to giving directions. But we should all agree that content’s key purpose should be to increase sales. 

And small business owners in Kenyan should re-tune their websites to achieve this.