Singer Avril believes snubbing is key to the increase of depression among creatives

Singer Avril believes mental health has been neglected in Kenya and that creatives are the most affected.

Avril, 33, said that Kenyan creatives are getting depressed because of lack of acknowledgement. She was speaking about the viral play KE music debate that urged presenters and DJs to play more Kenyan content.


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“If you have the opportunity and are in a place to play good Kenyan music, do so. It’s absurd that there should be a debate about it. A lot of creatives are becoming more depressed,” she said.

Not just them…

Avril added that though creatives are finding themselves fighting mental illness, it’s still a global issues that’s also affecting a bigger circle, not just those in arts.

Best way out?…

“Mental health is an issue throughout the globe and not just a creatives’ problem,” she said.

“But the more we speak about it the more we encourage people to know what they are going through and seek help immediately.”

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