Singer Alaine has one request for Kenyans before jetting back: ‘Treat Willy Paul well’

Kenyans believe Jamaican singer Alaine…and maybe a few other artists from the small Caribbean island that have been camping around, should become Kenyan citizens already.

“They have been in Kenya more than enough times and they should get that their Huduma number already.”


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Alaine, on the hand, believes Kenyans don’t treat their heroes with the respect they deserve. Perhaps a reason why she hasn’t bothered with the citizenship.

In an interview with Word IS, the singer urged Kenyans to objectively criticize singer and good friend, Willy Paul, instead of showing him hate.

“I would like to tell people not judge him with hate but instead criticize him with love,” she said.

Oohh Pliz…

The two artists worked on ‘I do’ which really dominated the airwaves. They have been friends since then. Alaine, fellow Jamaican artists Cecile and Samantha J have all been surprised by how Kenyans passionately hate Paul.

Immediately after working with the so called gospel artist, their instagram pages were awash with hateful criticism from Kenyans leaving them perturbed.

“People should focus on what is going on in their lives,” Alaine said on Friday before heading to Kasarani for
“Tomorrow Leaders Festival” where she had a disastrous performance marred with sound issues.

“If you want to correct someone, always speak hope to them because it is better than being harsh to him. We all win with love.”

Doesn’t matter…

QMG doesn’t think her appeal will reach Kenyans. Trolls are generally part of Willy Paul’s career and without them, he wouldn’t be this far. He also enjoys them to say the least.

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