Should You Put Ads On Your Company's Website?

Should You Put Ads On Your Company’s Website?

Javan Samora

Things sometimes can be hard for small businesses forcing them to tap any source of revenue just to stay afloat.

One of the ways businesses try to increase their bottom line is through monetizing their company’s website after noticing increased traffic. I mean, if you have traffic flowing when not tap it?

But is it really a good idea to put ads on your website?

I won’t say it’s a bad idea per se but I’d greatly discourage it. Look around how many company websites do you see with ads? Not many.

Here’s why signing up your company’s website to Adsense, PropellerAds, Infolinks and other advertising programs might not be such a good idea.

1. Distraction

website distraction

Online adverts can be very distracting but that’s exactly what they were created for.

Customers might end up bouncing to another website after spotting a catchy advert and never come back and the last thing you want to lose is a customer.

2. Competition

In a world where we are being monitored by cookies and listened to by our gadgets, you don’t want your competition popping up on your website. Imagine going to Airtel’s website to look for a certain service then you see an advert saying Safaricom has that service too.

3. Conflict

Should You Put Ads On Your Company's Website?

Brands have a stand, mission, vision and values. So there might be conflict when an advert carrying a message against their values or mission is displayed on their website.

4. Customer preferences

Customers have different preferences and the last thing you want is a customer leaving your website because they saw something they don’t like.

No matter how well curated your adverts might be, customer preference is a big deal. For example; imagine a business hated for being ruthless to its customers only for your customers to find it on your home page? Not good.


Ads are a good source of income but in this case, look more harmful than helpful. The risks are too many compared to the rewards therefore I’d suggest you avoid incorporating them on your website.