Senator Johnson Sakaja also rooting for Ethic: ‘These young guys were about to fall into crime’

More and more politicians are falling in love with newbies Ethic Entertainment.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja becomes the latest to join the bandwagon of older guys falling in love with the young group and their music.

Sajaka spoke with Radio Citizen where he revealed that Ethic and Ochungulo Family are among his favorite.

He also said that “Figa”, which is the latest song from Ethic since they got signed to A.I Records, is top quality and very much artistic despite what people say.

“The video was done very well. There are people who might debate the content, but I think it’s expression and it’s art and we must support our young artists,” said Sakaja.

Say that again…

The senator said that people shouldn’t complain about the song’s message because it has a niche.

“We have a classification, we have music that is appropriate for a particular age, so if you choose and that is your type of stuff then enjoy it.”

For real?…

Sakaja was also impressed that Kenyans are supporting young talent. He said Zilla, Seska, Reckless and Swat, who make up the group, would have sure ended up in crime were it not for music.

“These young guys were about to fall into crime if you know their story very well, but today they are earning a living, so young people should follow their example,” he added.

“To get airplay, I used to go around radio stations with CDs…It was difficult during those days because you had to pay someone to get help… but the music scene has grown and we must support the different shades that come with the growth.”