Rumors: Khaligraph Jones taking home Ksh 1 million per show now? Hard to believe

There was a time rapper Khaligraph Jones was the laughing stock in the music industry for collecting 20,000 and 10,000 shilling checks. The guy, just like Jua Cali, used to negotiate for whatever price so long as he got a chance to get on stage and prove to guys he’s talented.

Now, he sits back and picks which shows to rock according to word flying around.


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Sources close to the rapper’s operation are now claiming OG has joined the a-million-shilling-per-show bracket. As hard as that is to believe, David Kingsle of Gafla spoke to one of his agents who said that after Jones got several international nominations, he figured it was about time his rates are also upped.

Oh Oh…

One million is a sweet number, especially for Kenyan artists who usually pay dearly before their brands can be accepted in the country. Khaligraph Jones paid the price for sure, but question is, is the fee sustainable in Kenya?

Hard to support, especially if music is you main source of income. In this case, like Khaligraph.

He’s been doing less and less shows in since the beginning of this year meaning it might be true, his ratecard has changed.

One million, as we said earlier, is a sweet number but it comes with it’s own perils. Less shows means disconnecting with your fans and if not careful, the start of spiral downfall.


It also means kissing coprates’ ass and praying that they might having you on their list every time you learn a major show is playing. Truth is, it takes time before you might start charging this..but if your account is overflowing, why not?

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