Radio host Kibe lost born again friends like Burale because he couldn’t be ‘fake like other pastors’: ‘I left the club of fakeness and started a new life’

Kiss 100 FM radio host Andrew Kibe is usually referred to as a loose cannon. A person who says whatever he wants, however he wants.

From sharing how many women he has bedded to how to lie your way to sleeping with them, Kibe is …. kinda well known for his shocking ‘social media sex therapies.’


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But before he became this man that so many are familiar with now, he was a staunched Christian ….. hoping to become a respected pastor one day.

His mouth, however, got him in the wrong lane.

“Those were my plans but unfortunately I was not good enough because I could not lie enough like most pastors do, and so I left the club of fakeness and started a new life,” said Kibe in a recent interview with Word Is.

Kibe really wanted to be a pastor, but they just wouldn’t let him.

Wait …. for real?…

This was from 2009. He really wanted to be a pastor but he was rejected because of his personality. His friends —- the likes of Pastor Robert Burale—- not only ditched him but also blocked him after he backslid later on.

“I was not good enough and so they never made me a pastor. I only prayed for myself. The club of friends I was with blocked me because they said I was too outspoken or something like that,” he adds.

A trip to India to develop a mobile App later in 2009 changed his mind forever. After he came back from India in 2016, he completely dropped Christianity and started doing the strange videos on social media.


Kibe, on the trip, realized how Indians —- who are mostly Buddhists and Hindus—- are down to earth unlike “we Christians, who most of us are fake.”

“They don’t bombard you with their religion, unlike us, who are busy trying to find out what they want to be. Religion should be very personal and no one should tell you what to be. I changed a couple of things in my life,” he said.

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