Photography is so important to selling products. Images are crucial to supporting the company brand and converting sales.

Photography is a creative art, just like painting and sculpting. The tools are different, but the outcome is the same; an image that can inspire, motivate and engage. 

Product photography is intended to portray an object in an attractive or interesting manner. Most commonly, the image may be used to sell the product.

The resulting image may be used in a catalog, brochure or in a website.

Anytime you open up an advertisement, such as a weekly ad from your local grocer, or visit a website where items are for sale; you will see examples of product photography.

Brands need product photography to be able to stand out and also look professional.

As an example, consider online shopping. You are looking for a new camera pack for your gear. You visit your favourite online camera store where you have bought before.

If the website you are looking at only has a written description of the camera pack but no actual photos, would you buy anyway?

Chances are that most people would not.

Product photos are proof of the product’s characteristics. 

Qamil Media works tirelessly to ensure small businesses in Kenya also get a chance to access product photography.

We organize product shoots for your brand and consequently string other services that relate closely to product photography.

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