We have 5 packages depending on your content needs:

  1. Heavy Package–$1,200
  2. Medium Package–$600
  3. Small Package —$350
  4. Custom Package–varies
  5. Per Article–$100

All articles written are posted on OUR social media channels and website for free.

1. Heavy Package (100 quality articles a month)

If you need a lot of articles, this is your package. It’s mainly suitable for news blogs.

For only $1,200 dollars a month, we give you 100 quality articles — that is 5 articles a day.

2. Medium Package (40 quality articles a month)

Perhaps you just need a few articles for your website every week. Or you are just starting out and not sure of the direction to take.

The medium package might come in handy. It’s suitable for company and small business websites.

For only $600 dollars a month, we give you 40 quality articles — that is 2 articles a day.

3. Small Package (20 articles a month)

Pay only $350 and get 20 quality articles a month –equivalent to 1 article per day.

4. Per Article

If you are running on an even tighter budget, we also write per article which gives you the option of paying for the exact number of articles you need per month. For an article, we only charge $100.

4. Custom Package

In case you have a project that doesn’t fit these criteria, for example, you need an article of 20,000 words, email us at or for more.

We also charge $200 in case you want us to run YOUR social media pages.


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