Photos: 8town Crew honors Ken Okoth with outstanding graffiti

8town Crew, a group of graffiti artists from Kibra, has honored their late
MP Ken Okoth with a graffiti at the DC stage in Kibra.


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Madd Lion, Ish Artlives and Aluoch, who make up 8town Crew, collaborated with Detail 7 for the mural.

“Ken was very supportive of his people here in Kibra and especially the youth and so we thought the best way to honour him was to have his graffiti done here in Kibra,” said Ish Artlives.

So sad…

Ken Okoth died on July 26, 2019 after succumbing to cancer. The body of Kibra MP was cremated on Saturday morning at the Kariokor cemetery during a ceremony attended by his close family members and ODM party officials.

The politician was truly loved especially, by artists and entertainers …. now that’s something you normally don’t see.

He supported them in all ways understanding that art was a key earner for the youth in Kibra.


“I love Detail 7’s work and I just thought of working with him in this mural. When I shared the idea with him, he loved it,” added Artlives.

“I liked Ken Okoth and when Ish Artlives shared the idea I immediately said yes. Ken was a great man and honouring him was an honor,” said Detail 7.

The mural was done in five hours and will ensure Ken’s legacy lives forever.

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