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One-on-one: Video director Lolly P speaks on Enos Olik mentoring him, younger directors making a name in the business

Kenyan Vibe had a chat with video director Lolly P who is celebrating 10 years in the business and being under one of the most prolific video directors in the Kenyan film and music industry, Enos Olik. 1. You have been in the production scene for almost a decade now? How’s that been? 10 years is a looong time. No one would stay in it without seeing any results. With that said, it needs a lot of courage and persistence. Also this means 10 years […]


Damn! Like most girls, 32-year-old singer Avril was hoping for a fairy tale wedding but ended up with a baby daddy

It seems singers Marya and Avril are unable to keep a man ever since they released their chat-topping collabo “Chokoza” five years ago. Chokaza warned men in clubs not get too attached because the two were just looking for fun. Perhaps that’s what men are exactly doing now. Avril recently confessed that having a nuclear family –mother, father and kids — was always her aspiration but….God had other plans. “I was looking for a family (mother, father and child) but sometimes, unfortunately, you know how […]


Do you really think Diamond will never cheat on Tanasha Like he did to Zari and many others? Fans don’t but Tanasha does after Diamond told her this

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has been in several relationships now and they all had a similar ending: he cheated. The singer has dated Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, Wema Sepetu and a string of other women in the past who all accused him of constantly cheating before walking away. This time round, however, Diamond is promising to stay faithful to his new Kenyan bae, Tanasha Donna until death –that is if they make it to a wedding. Taking to social media, Diamond assured fans that Donna […]


Kameno Goro isn’t happy with Hudda’s plea towards women using sex to get rich: Your nunu got you everything and now you’re telling us to stop?

Presenter Kamene Goro has shamed Socialite Huddah Monroe for her campaign urging women to abstaining from having sex with sponsors. Dubbed Funga Duka, Huddah has been leading the campaign urging women to avoid sex in 2019 to punish men who are cheating. The ‘Funga Duka’ sex boycott went viral under the #Fungaduka after Carol- the woman who texted Huddah complaining about men- said that she had closed her legs until Michael, her cheating boyfriend gets tested and starts behaving well. According to Goro, Huddha is […]


Capital FM’s Anita Nderu in her 20s, regrets dating two certain guys and these other 8 things

Capital FM radio host Anita Nderu recently has been opening up about her life, especially, after turning 29 years old. She recently spoke about her fight with depression and turning a year older in a very exclusive party that only saw friends and family invited. During a question and answer session on her Instagram page, the former Hits Not Homework presenter was asked by her followers what she would have done differently in her 20’s. She ended up sharing 10 things that she regrets doing and, just […]

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Woman claims ‘broke’ Eric Omondi hired her car and is now unable to pay

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself in yet another scandal following money he owes a car hire agent. According to a post shared on Group Kenya, Eric Omondi is being accused of ditching a car he had hired from a lady by the name of Wambui. Apparently Omondi ditched the car at Moi international airport 3 days after his show and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car. The police who towed the car claim it was  parked on a yellow line […]


One-on-one: Rappers Wangeci and Scar Talk Linking up, Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

It was just another typical day for rapper Wangeci until she heard a then little known rapper going by the name Scar Mkadinali mention her name in a viral freestyle organised by rapper Khaligraph Jones. Hip hop name drops, in most occasions, have turned out disastrous. And for Wangechi, she really didn’t know how to react at first. That was 2016. Fast forward three years later, Wangechi has a new jam with Scar, and Wakadilani, a rap duo consisting of Scar and his longtime friend […]


Over 50 Countries to Showcase at Africa Nouveau Festival at Ngong Race Course

At least 50 countries are expected to showcases in this year’s Africa Nouveau Festival on 8th to 10th March at Ngong Race Course in Nairobi. Themed Africans and Outer World Beings, the three-day, three-nights event will include activities such as music, films, Virtual Reality Gaming, visual art, art installations fashion, and will see performances from DJ Boddhi Satva, Sho Madjozi, Dj sisso & Rehema Tajiri, Franck Biyong, DJ Suraj and Nairobi Horns Project. The festivals will screen five science fiction films and virtual reality films by African […]

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Cashy marks controversial comeback with new track

It has been a hectic week for rapper Cashy who has been away for almost three years as she tries to secure back her position in the hip hop industry. Famously known for her collabo “Mi casa Su casa,” with ex-boyfriend and fellow Khaligraph Jones which elevated her rap career, Cashy has made a comeback with the new trap song dubbed “Naitwa Cashy”. She launched the song’s media tour on Friday and has been through different stations sharing about her silence and what her comeback means for […]