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Health issues force Akothee to pull back: ‘I have been digging an early grave’

Singer Akothee has slowly been killing herself. Literally. The mother of five was recently on social media to explain why her Europe tour has been canceled, saying that her busy schedule has taken a toll on her health. “I took a break to come to Europe and look at my life from a distance , and I have realized, that I have been digging an early grave,” said the singer on Instagram. “I have no one to blame here, I am not even going to […]


Adelle becomes latest radio presenter to resign

Kiss 100 FM Breakfast Show presenter Adelle Onyango has resigned. It has been seven years now since the popular presenter joined the Radio Africa Group owned radio station and fell under the then Breakfast Show presenter Caroline Mutoko’s apprenticeship. “After 7 years on Kiss, I need a new challenge,” she said on social media Saturday after her last show on Friday. “It’s been a decision that I did not come to lightly. Change is the only constant thing in life, and it is through endings […]


Kovu challenge goes viral, Dozens of rappers participate

Things lately have been smooth and seamless for rapper Scar Mkadinali. He recently teamed up with rapper Wangechi for “Sana Sana” making it the most successful project in his career so far. His latest single “Kovu”, which he goes on to fully display his lyrical and word play imprint, is getting as much attention as Sana Sana. After releasing the song almost a month ago, Scar to took to social media to challenge other rappers to drop their own version of Kovu. Using the hashtag […]


How a meeting with Kristoff changed Khaligraph Jones and put him on a winning path

Striking a friendship with fellow artist Kristoff is one of the reasons rapper Khaligraph Jones grew from just another talented rapper to a well-known brand name and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. “Kristoff was the first artist I ever saw drive himself when I invited him to our studio in Umoja in 2012,” said Jones. “When we started hanging out together my perspective of life changed. I was still the best rapper then but hanging out with him gave me […]


Caroline Mutoko didn’t force Kalekye Mumo to leave Kiss 100, but she might have done it to a few other ladies

Former Kiss 100 Fm presenter Kalekye Mumo wasn’t smoked out of the radio station by anyone. She did it on her own… at least that’s what she’s saying. Unlike what a floating myth –that has been around for several years now– has been preaching, the former K24 presenter denied that Caroline Mutoko, who is in management, forced her to resign after working there for 10 years. “She had nothing to with Kiss 100 in terms of its management, its presenters or anything to do with […]


Akothee denies donations and recent charity are a bunch of organised soft campaigns to usher her into politics

Akothee went from being a vilan, angering Kenyans with explicit performances on stage to a celebrated hero in a matter of hours. Kenyans believe there must be a reason why things are taking this direction. Either she’s fighting hard to clear her image or she’s thinking about politics in 2022… like her friend Jalang’o. But according to the singer, it’s all about bringing change, and Kenyans should emulate her recent move if they want a better country. “If all of us had the same spirit […]


Kalekye Quits K24 To Start A More Personalized Video Channel

TV host Kalekye Mumo will no longer host talk show “Talk Central” on K24. Mumo, who has hosted the show for two years now, announced her resignation on Thursday during her last show. Mumo shared several photos on Instagram thanking her co-hosts gospel singer Moji Short Baba, Fridah Sande and her fans for the support. “Two years is no short time to have people who continue to tune in every week consistently. This amazing gluten free cake is even from a fan,” she said on Instagram. Regarding […]


Akothee’s charity push feeling more and more like a relevancy and society’s approval campaign

Well, just the other day, Akothee was getting dressed downed by Kenyans — including prominent ones — for opening her legs while on stage. She was analysed, rebuked and even threatened as Kenyans tried to justify her acts. Fast forward two weeks later, Kenyans are dying of hunger and the government is denying. Akothee jumps into the steering wheeling and is able to coax Kenyans into contributing millions to feed Turkana residents. She was lauded. With many now coming back to defend her parting legs […]


Octopizzo has sued KTN for accusing him off murder: Sad they didn’t take time to research because they wanted clicks

Rapper Octopizzo is in his feelings following KTN’s report which linked him to the death of a 19-year-old campus kid. In an interview with Kiss 100 FM, Octopizzo said KTN went way off the line in pursuit of clicks by accusing him of murder, for that reason….he has sued them. And… that he’ll never work with them again. Ever. “I will never do an interview there,” Octopizzo opened up for the first time since the incident happened in January. “It is sad that media people […]


Otile Brown, Khaligraph Jones’ new collabo is nothing new at all

Rapper Khaligraph Jones and singer Otile Brown have a new song called “Japo Kidogo”. The song, a pure RnB, becomes the latest collaboration from the two who have several other songs together. Japo Kidogo has been produced by Vicky Pon Dis while the video was directed by Enos Olik, and comes four years after the two linked up for “Imaginary Love”. The second song they worked on was in 2017 when they combined for “Nataka”. BTW… Like their earlier efforts, which all turned out average, […]


Rumors: Khaligraph Jones taking home Ksh 1 million per show now? Hard to believe

There was a time rapper Khaligraph Jones was the laughing stock in the music industry for collecting 20,000 and 10,000 shilling checks. The guy, just like Jua Cali, used to negotiate for whatever price so long as he got a chance to get on stage and prove to guys he’s talented. Now, he sits back and picks which shows to rock according to word flying around. Sources close to the rapper’s operation are now claiming OG has joined the a-million-shilling-per-show bracket. As hard as that […]


King Kaka on why Avril and Arrow Bwoy left his record label: We are just a stepping stone

Unlike before, it’s becoming harder and harder to hear Kaka Empire in music circles like we used to a few years ago. Singer Timmy Tdat is barely making it into the charts, Shiko Femione, it seems, is just one hit away from losing relevance while Avril and Arrow Boy are no longer part of the team. Yes, the Empire is coming down pretty fast and it seems only King Kaka is making noise. In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, the popular rapper explained […]


Octopizzo doesn’t speak to Khaligraph a lot ‘coz he’s fake’ and money is the only reason he will work with OG

Not fame, not fans, not even sponsors and definitely not hype will push Kibera rapper Octopizzo to work with archenemy Khaligraph Jones. Money, however, will sure play a huge deal in coaxing the self-proclaimed Kenyan hip-hop King to work with Jones. Speaking in an interview on Citizen TV, Octo explained why he hasn’t bothered to work with OG, or any other popular artist in Kenya for that matter. “I am ready to work with Khaligraph Jones so long as our partnership will bring me money […]


Raila’s son finally meets with Ethic, let’s see whether he’ll really invest on them as he promised

Umoja residents might play clueless on who SWAT — the most popular member of rap group Ethic — is, and go ahead to beat him up claiming he’s a thief trying to steal their household items. Uptown guys however, are more than familiar with the crew. In fact, they love them. Raila Odinga’s son, Raila Junior, recently confessed his love for the four kids — SWAT, Zilla, Rekless and Seska — who are taking over airwaves, saying they are his favorite group. And, that SWAT […]


Nope. Arrow Boy didn’t write Swahili lyrics for Demarco: I was also shocked too

Well, singer Arrow Boy was shocked just as you and I when he heard Jamaican singer Demarco sing in Swahili. Probably because the famed artist has been learning the language under covers. “Actually he is the one who wrote his Kiswahili lyrics.” said Arrow Boy in a radio interview while promoting “Love Doctor”, their new song. ” He has been learning a little bit of it. I was also shocked.” Demarco joins an increasing number of Jamaicans flocking the country where they command relatively huge […]

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J Blessing makes comeback on Churchill Show

Music-video Director J blessing is back to Churchill Show months after parting ways with the Comedy show that airs on NTV. J Blessing, who holds vast experience in video-editing and directing, is back to the show as a production executive. “Yes I am back to Churchill live and I am excited about it. I am looking forward to working with the great team as we focus on taking the show to the next level. It has always been wonderful working with Churchill in such a massive […]


One-on-one: Video director Lolly P speaks on Enos Olik mentoring him, younger directors making a name in the business

Kenyan Vibe had a chat with video director Lolly P who is celebrating 10 years in the business and being under one of the most prolific video directors in the Kenyan film and music industry, Enos Olik. 1. You have been in the production scene for almost a decade now? How’s that been? 10 years is a looong time. No one would stay in it without seeing any results. With that said, it needs a lot of courage and persistence. Also this means 10 years […]


Damn! Like most girls, 32-year-old singer Avril was hoping for a fairy tale wedding but ended up with a baby daddy

It seems singers Marya and Avril are unable to keep a man ever since they released their chat-topping collabo “Chokoza” five years ago. Chokaza warned men in clubs not get too attached because the two were just looking for fun. Perhaps that’s what men are exactly doing now. Avril recently confessed that having a nuclear family –mother, father and kids — was always her aspiration but….God had other plans. “I was looking for a family (mother, father and child) but sometimes, unfortunately, you know how […]