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I can explain why Beyonce’s album doesn’t have any East African artists…But my explanation is half wrong

Beyonce is trending more than Disney’s Lion King movie. All because of her new album “The Gift” that was inspired by the movie …. and features African artists. West African artists to be precise. Since Thursday, The Gift has been eating me. I didn’t sleep jana. No, for real. Beyonce is known for her ability to pay attention to details and get everything right. So …. I can’t understand how she put West African artists only on that album. I don’t. So ….. I came […]


Teacher Wanjiku suffered for 4 straight years after ditching Churchill Show before getting a second chance to be on TV

What was supposed to be a happy, celebration month for comedian Teacher Wanjiku quickly turned into a horrific nightmare. The comedian was at the top of the world. Her Churchill Show slots on NTV were on fire. Everyone loved her. But in 2014, she messed all this up by accepting a deal from Citizen TV to have her own show. Just like how it happened to Eric Omond when he left Churchill Show for KTN after his star started to shine, just a week after […]


Radio host Kibe lost born again friends like Burale because he couldn’t be ‘fake like other pastors’: ‘I left the club of fakeness and started a new life’

Kiss 100 FM radio host Andrew Kibe is usually referred to as a loose cannon. A person who says whatever he wants, however he wants. From sharing how many women he has bedded to how to lie your way to sleeping with them, Kibe is …. kinda well known for his shocking ‘social media sex therapies.’ But before he became this man that so many are familiar with now, he was a staunched Christian ….. hoping to become a respected pastor one day. His mouth, […]


Eric Omondi remembers how Churchill approached him: ‘I have never told this story to anyone anywhere’

It’s a story Eric Omondi has shared over and over again. And ….. on Thursday night, in Naivasha during a Churchhill Show, he shared the story yet again. “I have never told this story to anyone anywhere. People keep asking me how I met Churchill,” Eric, who surprised Churchill by making an unexpected appearance after seven years of staying away from the show, said. “In 2006, while I was a second-year student at Daystar, I was an MC at an event which Churchill attended. He […]


Octopizzo hits the gym, excites Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is pretty excited after learning that Octopizzo has also started gyming. Octopizzo recently posted a video lifting weights, a thing that instantly got Jones’ attention. We all know how Jones is a workout freak ….. and for him to see Octopizzo …a man he been going back and forth with for a long time now do the same, sure gave him the excitement. “Niliwaambia Gym Ni Lazima,” said Khaligraph, who has been trolling (jokingly) celebs who hit the gym but are not […]


Linda Nyangweso talks body shammers, Says fans insisting she doesn’t deserve to be a mother coz of her weight broke her down

Kiss 100 FM presenter Linda Nyangweso was bullied online by her followers during her recent beach vacation with family. Nyangweso shared that fans body shammed her after sharing a photo with her family, calling her a whale because of her plump body. She was wearing a swimming costume in the photo. “I posted the picture because we were happy and we were having fun. We were on vacation like any other regular family on vacation,” said the presenter on Instagram TV while explaining her struggles […]


Bahati is asking you to let your woman control your life if you want to be happy

If you have a wife or a girlfriend and you really want to be happy, you should let her run your life, gospel singer Bahati believes so. Married for only two years now Bahati believes he has finally cracked the code of staying happy in a relationship; just do what you’re told. Always. Wait, seriously? Speaking in an interview on NTV, Bahati confessed that his union to an older Diana Marua has been smooth because he lets her lead. “Whatever they say should go,” said […]


Singer Vivian has never dated Jaguar but she found him very interesting….as a mentor

Five years ago, singer Vivian was stepping into the music scene and fellow artist Charles Njagua aka Jaguar was guiding her through. This led to rumours that the two, who were in the same record label, might have been doing more than just releasing hit songs. Vivian took to social media recently to clear up perennial rumours that she once dated the singer, saying Jaguar was just a mentor …. and a very supportive one too. “This is me alongside Mhesh Charles Njagua as many […]

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Watch: Femi One drops ‘Moto’ off her EP ‘XXV’

Kaka Empire signee Femi One has followed up the visuals for “Hiyo One” with yet another project from the “XXV” Ep released in April. The rapper, who celebrated her 25th birthday the day the album dropped, has released “Moto”. Like many other projects from Kaka Empire, Moto has been produced by Ricco beats while the video was done by Johnson Kyalo. Watch the video below:

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Otile Brown teams up with Ethic for new song but only SWAT and Seska drop verses, Rekless and Zilla nowhere to be seen

Ethic entertainment is on a roll. The four young artists have now teamed up with Otile Brown for “Dala Dala”, making it their second release since being signed. While Rekless usually sings the chorus for the group, Otile Brown did the chorus this time around, bringing his Bongo feel in the process. Rekless and Zilla are neither in the song nor the video we are not sure why. Only Swat and Seska dropped a verse. Dala Dala has been produced by Magix Enga while the […]


Forget King Bae, Zari now focused on Sonko: ‘He is the man I have secretly admired for a long time’

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is rich, down to earth, relatively young and quite famous. And therefore it’s not by coincidence that socialite Zari Hassan can’t stop thinking about him. These are the qualities she looks for in a man. Zari recently confessed in a radio interview in South Africa that she has a crush on Sonko, and she hopes she’ll meet him before the year ends. “He is not as boyish as the other kid who has been chasing me around,” Zari, who is now […]


If it’s true Capital FM’s Amina Abdi is being paid less than fellow host Fareed Khimani, then she should be angry

I didn’t hear Capital FM radio presenters Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi’s spurt last Friday. Word has it they exchanged a few words on air. But if it’s true Amina is angry after finding out Fareed is earning waaay more than her, then she had the right to vent…and maybe call him an idiot as she did…on air. Fareed said he’s being paid more because he has the experience. But Amina has the fans..and experience too. This is not surgery. This entertainment. Experience counts …. […]


Willy Paul wonders what happened between him and singer Alaine after getting blocked, Kenyans show no mercy

Singer Willy Paul is currently in his feelings after noticing Jamaican singer Alaine is no longer the good ol friend he used to have. Paul was on Instagram recently to confess how Alaine —-who everyone suspected he’s dating at one point—- no longer gives him the attention she used to shower him with. Worst of all, she has even blocked him on social media. “Alaine, we were so good together dear,” said Paul on Instagram. “To be honest meeting you was the best thing ever […]

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[Watch] Kansoul drop doubleheaders: One with singer Vivian, another with King Kaka

Rap trio The Kansoul are taking over the airwaves with their latest doubleheaders. Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora have dropped “Accelerator” featuring singer Vivian and followed it up with “Kula Vako” which is King Kaka’s newest jam. Accelerator, according to the four, was an unexpected collabo that shows “the versatility and coming of age of these iconic acts.” The song was produced by Madtraxx while the video was done by Big Dreams studios. King Kaka enlisted the two also to create yet another club banger […]


The same traits that gave Sheila Mwanyigha a chance to be on radio also phased her out

Sheila Mwanyigha recently told fans on her Instagram page that being on radio requires you to be unique. “You can’t just go there and try to be like anybody else.” she said. “Authenticity is the name of the game in radio. Radio was great but 19 years later, there is a lot of disruptions on radio, and everything changed.” It’s true. Sheila was very authentic. A sweet, shyish mellow voice every day on Nation FM late-night shows…or on a nice easy afternoon on Kiss FM […]


Tanasha never bothered getting a wedding ring from Diamond coz a ring can’t keep a man

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna believes it’s very archaic and well, creepy, that some people still believe insisting on a wedding will make a man stick with you. Putting a ring on it is not a solution to making your relationship last…and therefore, Tanasha, wants everyone to stop pressuring her to push Diamond Platnumz to marry her before she delivers… in two months. “People think that marriage is what keeps a man. Not in this day and age,” she cursed online as thousands of followers […]


Shooting music videos abroad is actually cheaper than using local music directors…Just ask Khaligraph or Octo

How cheap are our local music directors? Not cheap enough I guess. Khaligraph Jones confessed recently that shooting his new video “Leave me alone” was actually cheaper than sorting out local producers services. “I spent less than a Sh100,000 because unlike Kenya, where if I want to shoot a video, I have to pass through so many limitations, but in the US, I did it freely, with no one asking you to pay them for the places you are shooting at,” he said. The conversation […]


’18 hours’ director, singer Karun, Athlete Beatrice Chepkoech among those named in FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 2019 list

Musician Karungari Mungai aka Karun, producer, director and script writer Kevin Njue and model, fashion stylist and creative Yaa Bonsu have made it to the 2019 FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 list. The three have been named under the creatives category. This year the list is a bit different from the others. It has a total of 120 names split into four categories: business, technology, creatives and sport. Yaa Bonsu, who is based in Dubai where her career in the fashion industry took off, might […]

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Ethic members beaten up by security officers at Koroga Festival, promise to sue event and company

Ethic Entertainment are currently breathing fire following their ugly showdown with security officers at Koroga Festival on Saturday 6. SWAT, Rekless, Zilla and Seska are planning to sue security company K9 after they allegedly attacked Zilla, their hypeman, driver and DJ during the event. The four had to be taken to hospital after the confrontation which….we are not yet sure how it all started but, looks like one of the artists approached a security members to settle an issue before hell escalated. Tell me more… […]


Eric Omondi ‘Feeling Like An Orphan’ After Bob Collymore’s Death: ‘He Supported Creativity’

Following the sudden death of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, creatives, according to comedian Eric Omondi, feel like they lost a parent who supported their every move and dream. Omondi who spoke to The Standard newspaper confessed that losing Collymore was a big hit, even in the creative business because he supported them. “He has stood with me through my career and pointed me where to walk.” Omondi said. “I feel like an orphan. He supported creativity and he is one of the best CEOs when […]


Senator Johnson Sakaja also rooting for Ethic: ‘These young guys were about to fall into crime’

More and more politicians are falling in love with newbies Ethic Entertainment. Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja becomes the latest to join the bandwagon of older guys falling in love with the young group and their music. Sajaka spoke with Radio Citizen where he revealed that Ethic and Ochungulo Family are among his favorite. He also said that “Figa”, which is the latest song from Ethic since they got signed to A.I Records, is top quality and very much artistic despite what people say. “The video […]


‘You abandoned your first wife to marry a Samantha… and she was Jaguar’s girlfriend then’ Sonko’s team go HAM on Alfred Mutua in Machakos

Let’s just say Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua rattled a snake on Tuesday when he offered to rehabilitate Kenyan hero Tom Mboya’s statue in the Capital’s Central Business District. Plain and simple. On Thursday, Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile, Mavoko MP Patrick Makau, Makueni counterpart Daniel Maanzo, EALA MP Simon Mbugua, Reuben Ndolo and controversial businessman Stanley Livondo invaded Mutua’s county for revenge. In the process, Mutua’s second wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a, was caught up in the crossfire after Ndile and Mbugua went all personal accusing Mutua of […]