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‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’ hitmakers return with new jam called ‘Queen B’ that will sure make you love them even more

Even before the “Wamlambez Wamnyonyez” wave calms, music group Sailors Gang has dropped yet another anthem that will for sure take over the streets. Sailors Gang have followed their second hit “Pekejeng” with “Queen B”, another fire Kapuka sound that, like the rest, speaks about sex and a night full of partying. “#QueenB Machine is all about appreciating the ladies who are well endowed with that “bee like shape”. A big thank you to everyone who continues to support Sailors in their music voyage. #QueenB,” […]


DJ Finalkut back on the radio after 2-year hiatus, Afro-Funk becomes his focus sound

If you have been wondering where DJ Finalkut disappeared to then a quick tune in to NRG Radio on a random Saturday night might solve your equation. Popularly known for his strictly-Kenyan hip hop mixes, DJ Finalkut is back on air after almost two years of silence. The popular DJ was among several other employees who were poached by NRG Radio towards the end of 2017 as Kevin Mulei geared to join the radio space. Finalkut now has a show dubbed Afro-Funk which airs on […]


Fastest way to get heartbroken? Post your relationship on social media or just date a celeb, Mimi Mars believes

If you are posting your lover on social media every day, or, dating a celeb, just know your relationship’s clock is ticking and soon, you’ll be very much single …. that is according to Tanzanian singer Mimi Mars. Mimi Mars is Vanesa Mdee’s sister. She weighed in on her sister’s recent public confession that she was hurt after seeing her ex-boyfie Juma Jux —an artist also— post his new catch on social media just a few weeks after separating. Mimi believes it was bound to […]


Mike Sonko wants you to love your Sidechick but …. not more than your wife: ‘You’ll never have domestic issues in your marriage’

Getting a sidechick but making sure you never treat her better than your wife is one way you can avoid domestic quarrels, says Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. Another way, according to the governor, is to respect your wife. You better take this to the bank coz he has done this and his marriage has survived long enough. 21 years if you want the exact number. “No, No, just balance the equation,” he said. Tell me more… “This the reason why my marriage with the 1st […]


Kamene Goro doesn’t like singer Willy Paul and it’s all because of their first meeting: “It was terrible”

It’s safe to say singer Willy Paul is famous but no quite popular. Kenyans have been hating on the singer for long enough and it’s never really clear why. Well …. add Kiss 100 FM radio host Kamene Goro also to that list. But unlike the thousands who are angry without any particular reason, Kamene has a solid one: He disrespected her at their first meeting. OMG… Kamene told Xtian Dela in his Vlog that she’s not a fan of Willy Paul majorly because their […]


Mdee was shortlisted for Beyonce’s Lion King album but Beyonce’s team never reached back: “do not know what happened”

Beyonce’s Lion King’s album “The Gift” lacked an East African artist, a thing that majorly pissed off creatives from the region. Songtress Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania recently revealed she was actually shortlisted among those who might make it to the album … but it seems Beyonce only had space for West African artists. “I was shortlisted. I remember that there was a conversation,” said Mdee while speaking to Lil Ommy TV. “I never heard of it again and do not know what happened. I am […]


Jalong’o wants youth to focus on hustling if they want to be successful: That’s why “D” students are running this town

If you got a “D” grade and you currently can’t get a job in Nairobi, don’t count yourself out. In fact, you should consider it a blessing according to comedian Jalang’o. The comedian touched on the alarming unemployment state Kenyan youth have found themselves in urging graduates to think past their degrees and other academic results. “Yes, you got an ‘A’. Yes, you got a first class honours. As much as you deserve to get a job immediately your ‘A’ does not guarantee you a […]


Singer Jovial ditches Otile Brown because he’s a control freak, doesn’t return car he bought her

Singer Jovial, a newbie in the music industry, is walking away from Otile Brown who had signed her because he’s too controlling and all over her music business. It’s just been two months since Otile signed Jovial at his super new label “Just In Love Music”…. and, barely two weeks since he gifted her a brand new Mazda Demio after their successful collabo “Zichune”. Jovial ditched him, however, because he’s all over her neck leaving little space for creativity. “That’s true,” said the singer. OMG… […]


Bien insists Beyonce’s album is just fine, East African artists should work harder: ‘Stop that victim mentality’

Beyonce featuring West African artists on her new album “Lion King: The Gift” has not discouraged Sauti Sol lead singer Beine Aime. In fact, it has motivated him. “As Kenya artist, we should stop that victim mentality that tunaonewa( we are being marginalized).” Said the singer. “Guys should just sing and make hits. It will eventually get to Beyonce but you need to work as an industry. Sauti Sol should not be the only group worthy of being in such an album we need to […]


Anerlisa Muigai among highest paid Instagram influencers in the world. Only Kenyan in the list

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai is the 129th most paid Instagram influencer in the world according to the latest findings from Hopper HQ. Hopper HQ has dropped its 2019 “Rich list” and in a rather surprising turn, stated that Mugai charges a whopping $3,400 (Sh 353,872.00) for a sponsored post. She has 843K followers and is yet to be verified. Top on the list is Kylie Jenner who charges $1.26 million per post (Sh131, 765,280.00) followed by US singer Ariana Grande who asks for $996,000. Wow… […]


Singer John Katana Explains To TMZ Why Beyonce’s New Album Needed A Kenyan

Kenyans are still unimpressed with Beyonce’s new album “The Gift” following her route to feature only West and South African artists. Veteran singer John Katana from the popular band Them Mushrooms recently explained to American gossip site TMZ on why the movie deserved a Kenyan or just any artist from East Africa. “The creatives are complaining saying that a Kenyan act, if not Them Mushrooms, should have been on the album,” said Katana. “The phrase [Hakuna Matata] came from Kenya, from our band. So everybody feels that Kenya […]


Many people are waiting for Vera’s new relationship to collapse and she’s aware…. but, not bothered: ‘Just because it happened before doesn’t mean it’s a pattern’

Kenyans are sitting back patiently waiting for another ugly breakup scene from socialite Vera Sidika now that she’s in love all over again, …. like how it happened a year ago while walking away from Otile Brown. Sidika is clearly aware of this but is urging naysayers to get on with their lives coz, ….. it’s not happening. “There’s reasons to why things happened that way, during that time and none of you all will ever understand,” she said. “Just because it happened before doesn’t […]


Diamond Platnumz’s manager Babu Tale fearful for his children, thinks someone wants to kidnap them

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Hamisi Tale popularly known as Babu Tale is currently having sleepless nights following a recent scary moment that involved his kids. The father of three is in panic mode after several unknown men made an unexpected appearance at his house to pick his kids. The men, according to Tale, claimed they were sent by the famous manager a thing that kinda spooked the guards ….. who refused to let them in. OMG… “Mungu nilindie watoto wangu. Kuna watu wanakazi ya kwenda nyumbani […]


First edition of Twerk Fest to reward winners with Ksh 50,000 cash prize

If you truly believe you can shake what your mama gave you, then it’s better you stop doing it for free. Club Sands, a popular club located at Adlife Plaza 1st floor, Ring Road Kilimani (just opposite Yaya Centre) is offering a clean Ksh 50,000 to any sister ready to prove she’s the queen of twerking in Nairobi on July 25. Courtesy of Phoenix Entertainment, Club Sands is set to host the first-ever twerking competition in Kenya that will allow ladies to bag the prize […]

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Anne Kiguta on why she doesn’t hang so much with fellow celebs: ‘I only keep real friends’

Even after taking almost a year off after resigning from Citizen TV, catching news anchor Anne Kiguta hanging out with other celebrities or making duckfaces on social media with her friends wasn’t easy. Reason: she has a small circle that doesn’t really enjoy that kind of publicity. Damn… Hanging out with fellow celebs just for the show isn’t part of her thing. She stays with legit friends, people who always have her back. “I have been so blessed that there is a group of people […]


Arrow Bwoy denies being monotonous in his songs: I just want to spread love

Singer Arrow Bwoy is defending his image and music career, shunning critics who have been calling him out for being both monotonous and lacking creativity. In an interview with Hot 96 FM, Arrow Boy defended his brand saying that he has grown up in a tough environment a reason why his songs are all about love now. Well, the singer grew up in a really tough neighborhood—- Nairobi’s Huruma Estate—- and not forgetting his dad was also a violent man. Growing up, he saw very […]


Muthoni Drummer Queen Takes over France, Shares stage with David Guetta, The Black Eyed

Singer Muthoni Drummer Queen during the weekend represented Kenya at France’s biggest festival “Les Vieilles Charrues”. MDQ, with the assist of her long-time Swiss collaborators Jean ‘Hook’ Geissbuhler and Greg ‘GRBeats’ Escoffey, performed to a crowd of 25,000 people a thing very few Kenyan artists have come close to. She shared stage with big names such as The Black Eyed Peas, Ben Harper and Electro DJ superstar David Guetta. Taking to Instagram, MDQ posted a photo with the Black Eyed Peas saying she has been […]


Watch the full interview of Zari responding to all allegations, destroying Diamond Platnumz and then warns Tanasha

Recently, socialite Zari Hassan had a lot to say —including warning Diamond Platnumz’ new catch Tanasha Donna—- in an interview with Milard Ayo. A lot has been said about the mother of five regarding her break up with Diamond Platnumz and though she has responded in bits, Zari has never really given us the full story ….. well until now. Oh shiiet… In the hour-long interview cut into four parts, Zari shames Diamond, says he has been lying all along about their ugly break up, […]

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Watch new video from Wakadinali -“Morio Anzenza” Ft Dyana Cods

Kings of hardcore rap Wakadinali have returned with yet another classic dubbed “Morio Anzenza” featuring newcomer Dyana Cods. If you don’t understand Kayole’s Sheng “Morio Anzenza” means things they have been doing since way back …. so be prepared to hear a lot about their tough, gangsterish lives. Dyana Cods …. is also another artist Wakadinali have worked with from way back. The two first collaborated in 2018 for “Gimmie Your Love” which got a lukewarm reception. Morio Anzenza has been produced by AlexVice while […]


Kambua would feel sad whenever someone got pregnant: ‘Pregnancy announcements can be serious triggers. I have lived it’

Every time gospel singer Kambua would see a post of someone announcing her pregnancy, she would cringe. She’d feel depressed and wondered why not her. We all know how tough the journey to motherhood has been for her and her husband Jackson Mathu. And now that she’s carrying her first baby after being married for six years …. she can only imagine how others experiencing the same feel. “My journey is a miracle whose details I still haven’t shared. One day I will. But as […]


Zari didn’t dump Diamond because he cheated, she did it because he was doing it on her face: ‘I’m very understanding’

Zari Hassan had to walk away from her union with Diamond Platnumz because it was clear that he didn’t care about her anymore. Zari opened up in an interview with MillardAyo recently, saying the singer had mutated into a cold ruthless cheater ….who… would go to the extent of bringing random women in their matrimonial bed and all this happened while kids were at the house. Not really shocking considering all the pregnancy rumors flying around him, but Diamond also used to sleep with the […]


Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV has proved you really don’t need a popular name on your show for it to be popular

A week ago, Kibera rapper Stivo Simple was a nobody. A struggling rapper from the slums trying to make ends meet. And, the society wasn’t helping him at all achieve that. ”People used to say I look like a monkey,” said Stevo in an interview with TUKO. “You know, it is painful but there was nothing I could do but just persevere.” Just five days later, Stivo has signed a decent deal with NACADA and has few hot collabos lined up …. one even in […]