Octopizzo has sued KTN for accusing him off murder: Sad they didn’t take time to research because they wanted clicks

Rapper Octopizzo is in his feelings following KTN’s report which linked him to the death of a 19-year-old campus kid.

In an interview with Kiss 100 FM, Octopizzo said KTN went way off the line in pursuit of clicks by accusing him of murder, for that reason….he has sued them.

And… that he’ll never work with them again. Ever.

“I will never do an interview there,” Octopizzo opened up for the first time since the incident happened in January.

“It is sad that media people didn’t take time to research all because they wanted to report fast and first to get clicks. It was bad reporting and I took legal action. I was having a good time and my uncles, aunts and grandmother were calling me asking what is going on because it was from people who hadn’t called me for more that 7 years.”


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The family of Kenneth Abom, a student at Strathmore University, accused Octopizzo of injuring and killing their son after an altercation at his house in Woodely Estate.

Abom, after the altercation, returned home and jumped off their house which is on the fourth floor. It’s not clear why Abom was in Octopizzo’s house but his friends said he wanted to speak to the rapper about joining the music industry. He was a dancer.

KTN broke the news but….kinda made it look like Octopizzo did it. Octopizzo wasn’t arrested or anything but had to write a few statements with the police regarding the kid’s death.

KTN’s coverage pissed off Octo majorly because he has a family.

“I had to talk to my daughter and the teachers in school to avoid children making fun of my daughter,” said Octopizzo who has three kids.

“It was not about my career breakdown but it was about my family especially my daughter.”


The case proved to Octopizzo how many friends he has since only Juliani, King Kaka and Nameless reached out to him. He said that the incident left him with no where else to run other than the studio.

“Behind celebrity life, we are human. People deal with us like we are some sort of gods or creatures,” said the rapper.

“People just want to take advantage of us. I did not talk to people for 2 months and went straight to the studio. With all these people I got to learn my true friends and family. Three artistes called me. King Kaka, Juliani and Nameless who took to Twitter.”

No seriously…

Does KTN really care about Octopizzo never working with them… Uhmm, probably not. Does Octopizzo stand a chance of winning that case? We don’t think so because it was neither libel nor slander and a quote from both side of the parties involved was present.

The life of a public figure. Welcome to the club Octopizzo.

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