Octopizzo hits the gym, excites Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Khaligraph Jones is pretty excited after learning that Octopizzo has also started gyming. Octopizzo recently posted a video lifting weights, a thing that instantly got Jones’ attention.


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We all know how Jones is a workout freak ….. and for him to see Octopizzo …a man he been going back and forth with for a long time now do the same, sure gave him the excitement.

“Niliwaambia Gym Ni Lazima,” said Khaligraph, who has been trolling (jokingly) celebs who hit the gym but are not bulking up.

“Hakuna Mambo Ya Kukonda konda apa, Oneni sasa Pia Pizzo de King Ameamua kushona Kama Van Damme.”

Aren’t they….

It’s true Octopizzo and Khaligraph are frenemies. One minute they are showing each other love the next they are trolling each other.

If this one is a competition between the two ….. like it has always been ….. Jones definitely is the winner.


Octopizzo is barely 70kgs and therefore, it’s kinda hard to ignore Jones “Kukonda Konda” statement. QMG is not sure whether he was mocking or genuinely hyping him.

What we are sure of though is that Jones wants you to watch Octopizzo’s latest jam “Stay”.

“Leave Him alone. Check Out His new song called stay On Youtube, The OGs Shall Be Respected,” Jones said.

Stay is ….. kinda different from what we are used to getting from Pizzo.

It’s a love song.

It’s off his 5th studio album scheduled to drop sometime this year.

Watch stay below:

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