Nope. Arrow Boy didn’t write Swahili lyrics for Demarco: I was also shocked too

Well, singer Arrow Boy was shocked just as you and I when he heard Jamaican singer Demarco sing in Swahili. Probably because the famed artist has been learning the language under covers.

“Actually he is the one who wrote his Kiswahili lyrics.” said Arrow Boy in a radio interview while promoting “Love Doctor”, their new song. ”
He has been learning a little bit of it. I was also shocked.”

Demarco joins an increasing number of Jamaicans flocking the country where they command relatively huge followings and choosing to
collaborate with Kenyans after long stays.


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Arrow Boy had an interesting notion on why Jamaicans don’t just come and go, they make sure they also learn the language.

“Kiswahili is one of the sexiest languages we have in the world right now,” he said.


Nothing was planned. Love Doctor happened after an expected referral thanks to a lady called Ivy who played the original version of the song to Demarco while he was in the country.

I linked up with Demarco through a lady called Ivy who played my sound while she was with him and he liked my vibe,” he told Radio Jambo in the interview.

“He said he wanted to be in my remix and I was linked up with him, and we had been speaking until he came to Kenya for Redsan’s album launch and we did ‘Love Doctor’.”


Love Doctor has performed pretty well so far but hasn’t really taken over the chats. Perhaps it had a slow start.

Kenyan artists always think that working with an international artist will automatically push their brands both in and out of the country but of late, that hasn’t been the case.

Have you listened to the track?

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