MP joins long list of those impressed by Stivo Simple Boy’s music push, wants to finance him

For years, Kibera rapper Stivo Simple Boy has pushed his music career but got nothing but rejections in return. Lately, it seems no one can say NO to him.


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After releasing his brand new song “I lift you higher” featuring Scheneider Shanny, everybody can’t help but agree Stivo has the talent and desire to be in the music business.

Kiharu Mp Ndindi Nyoro has also noted this and has offered to boost the Kibera artist’s music career.

It’s rare for you to hear a member of parliament —-especially, from another constituency offer to help an artist—- but like thousands of others who have been impressed by Stivo’s humble personality and push, Nyoro is willing to fund him to see his career grow.

“Anyone who knows Stevo Simple Boy, aambiwe namtafuta. I’d want to give him some boost in his music career,” he said.

Kenyans, however, weren’t particularly, too happy about this hunt.

First of all, Nyoro could have just asked for his number and call him directly instead of using social media, many believed. Others claimed the MP was just riding on his hype and wasn’t really all about helping out.


If you haven’t heard anything yet about Stivo Simple Boy ….ummh, you better check your internet connection.

The guy has been really trending, like really really trending after dropping a verse from his song “Mihadarati” on Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV.

Kenyans quickly turned him into a meme but were later wowed by his story — he has been pushing his music career since 2016 but people have been rejecting him left, right center.

Some even called him a monkey …. and too ugly for music.

No waaay…

Still, nothing has stopped Stivo, and his new song –which stands at almost 300K views just three days after dropping— has proved he’s more than talented.

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