Mdee was shortlisted for Beyonce’s Lion King album but Beyonce’s team never reached back: “do not know what happened”

Beyonce’s Lion King’s album “The Gift” lacked an East African artist, a thing that majorly pissed off creatives from the region.


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Songtress Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania recently revealed she was actually shortlisted among those who might make it to the album … but it seems Beyonce only had space for West African artists.

“I was shortlisted. I remember that there was a conversation,” said Mdee while speaking to Lil Ommy TV.

“I never heard of it again and do not know what happened. I am not mad that Beyoncé worked on the album, because when you think about it, for those of us who travel, the only music they know about is Afro-Beat from West Africa.”


As QMG told you guys, Beyonce might have decided to go the West African way because that’s the dominant sound. Even singer Bien Aime of Sauti Sol backed her up, insisting East Africans should work harder rather than complain.

Mdee, however, represented the majority from EA ….. the ones who think Beyonce should have included someone from where the movie is based.


“Think about it,” she said. “The essence of Simba -a lion- is a huge East African attraction and it beats me why Beyoncé did not feature us.”

“Generally speaking, we are all in the umbrella of ‘African Music,’ unfortunately, they do not differentiate the many genres. We, in EA, are not in that category, we do Afro Pop.”


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