Lilian Muli glad ex-husband has moved on…four years after they divorced: “I found happiness too. It’s all good”

Despite her viral outburst late last year when she angrily called her hubby Jared Ombogi a “community” husband on social media, Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli is happy she’s with him.

And…she’s also happy that her ex-husband, Moses Njuguna Kanene, has found a new flame…four years after their ugly divorce.

Kanene recently flooded his instagram page with photos of his new catch, Grace Nungari, flaunting and flexing. She’s cute, looks warm and the two were super-mellow in their social media photos.

Moses Kanene and Grace Nungari. Wait are those flowers? Must have been a special day.

Nungari, as far as QMG understands, is an assistant manager Customer Care at Chase Bank. We are not sure which branch…yet. Sources also claim she’s a widow with two kids…but that we leave it to social media for now who will definitely smoke her out pretty much soon.

So, apparently people wanted to know how Muli, who’s dating a loaded Ombongi and already has a baby with him, feels about all this love-stunts from her ex.

“It’s all good,” Muli, who divorced him in 2016 after claiming he was adulterous, having cheated on her with several women before deserting her, said after Mpasho approached her.

No, for real…

The two married in September 2009 and have an 11-year-old-boy. Muli is happy Kanene found a new lover and that he’s also happy.

She has also done the same… though did it waaay earlier than him. In 2016 while she was still in court fighting for a divorce.

“I really don’t have anything more to say.” she said. We’ve been separated seven years dear. Plus why should I deny him happiness and I found happiness too.”

“Moses loves his son and we are co-parenting,” she added.

Awww, that’s sweet… 

Kanene’s Muli is not the same as Ombongi’s Muli. She’s a changed woman now. See’s the world better now.

Muli and Kanene are now good friends. They managed to put their ugly divorce aside to focus on their kid. Muli even posted him last year December just a few days after her famous “community husband” rant. She has no problem with co-parenting with Kanene.