Kush Tracy denies joining Tinder following account bearing her photo: “I don’t look for friends with benefits online”

If you have been waiting for a bootycall from singer Kush Tracy after chatting with her on dating app Tinder, just know you have been duped.


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The born again Christian was recently on social media to vent and call out a Tinder user going by the name Maggie who has been using her (Kush) photos as profile pics.

Kush might be single, but going online to look for love? ….. that’s not her thing.

Wait, What?…

“I am not/never been on Tinder😡this just came to my attention (via a friend) and apparently this “Maggie” person is using my pictures as her own to look for friends with benefits nkt,” she cried out.

“😡 I do not look for love/fwb or whatever online asiii and if you are on tinder and ever happen to meet “me” there just report it’s a fake account. Have confidence in yourself and use your own pictures to look for whatever you are looking for muwache kututafutisha vitu hatutafuti🚮”

Haa! LOL…

Tracy wasn’t pleased with Maggie using her photo

Tinder is full of scammers …. FYI. It’s common to see accounts using Beyonce, Rihanna, Vera Sidika and even some local actresses’ photos as profile pics.

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