Making a name in the music industry isn’t something easy.

While very many names pop up daily in the business, only a few end up sticking around and becoming successful.

And even in those who stick around, very few manage to stay successful over a long period of time.

Kehinde Mustakim Kazeem is one of those players that has managed to find success at a very young age and clearly prove he’ll be in the industry for a long time.

Well, Kehinde may be a new name to many ears but the artist/talents manager has been in the game for over a decade now.

Kehinde has actually made big names, as far as music is concerned.

The abled manager who is currently in Kenya to oversee his artiste Kaydex’s projects, first made a name for himself after taking part in promoting different music brands both in West and East Africa.


Kehinde started working with Kaydex a couple of years ago and has been pushing the brand to ensure it gets the right traction, in terms of numbers.

The singer, who also goes by Ken or Kenny, is not only an established artist manager but also a don in the events, brand promotion and digital marketing fields.

The celebrated manager lives in Nigeria but has been globetrotting for work in different countries to oversee the works his artistes have been doing.

At the moment, Kehinde is working with Kaydex and his label KH Records but is open to collaborate with other brands all in a bid to put African music on the world map.