Kate Actress lists 3 crucial points that young talents should note to avoid pitfalls: ‘Don’t make the same mistakes we did’

Having clocked more than a decade now in the entertainment industry, actress Catherine Kamau Karanja has almost seen it all. The ups, the downs, cons, the lazy, the hardworking, the lusty, pretenders, and many more.

Kamua has also seen a lot of young talents blow their careers after hitting pitfalls that could have been easily avoided.

On Instagram, she recently took time to share career-ending mistakes younger artists should avoid in case they want to hit a few decades in the cutthroat business.

“You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did,” Kamua, who’s popularly known as Kate, said on Instagram. “We are here for you. We did better, you can too.”


In the post, cate also urged younger talents to stop blowing off their savings just to keep up with the Joneses.

“I know you are trying hard to create a brand but here are a few things I wish someone told me too,” she said.

“Stop using your little savings or profits to please friends or your followers. You work so hard, grow your money, invest, save for a rainy day. When you run out of money to buy the champagnes and the mzingas they will run too.”

Kate and her husband Phil Karanja started out as basic actors around 2008 but grew into industry stakeholders in just a few years.

Kate became the highest-paid actress while Phil teamed up with fellow actor Abel Mutua to start a production company called Phil-It that is running the film industry in Kenya.

Kate wanted younger guys to understand that such success doesn’t happen overnight and most of all, needs a lot of focus, persistence, and dedication.

“Please live comfortably, grow slowly sweetheart,” she said.

“Live within your means. I earn enough to live in the boojiest neighborhoods but hey priorities, I even have comments thrown my way but I don’t listen I know what am working for I stay focused.”

Say that again…

Friends are also something they should closely monitor.

“Choose your circle of friends wisely: May God grant you wisdom here, this is a struggle, and if you are a genuine soul you think everybody is the same! Sweetheart, people are cruel, pray, good friends give you peace, encourage you, cheer you, and protect your dignity,” she said.