Kamene Goro doesn’t like singer Willy Paul and it’s all because of their first meeting: “It was terrible”

It’s safe to say singer Willy Paul is famous but no quite popular.

Kenyans have been hating on the singer for long enough and it’s never really clear why. Well …. add Kiss 100 FM radio host Kamene Goro also to that list.

But unlike the thousands who are angry without any particular reason, Kamene has a solid one: He disrespected her at their first meeting.


Kamene told Xtian Dela in his Vlog that she’s not a fan of Willy Paul majorly because their first meeting was super horrible.

“He was very disrespectful,” said Kamene.

“Do you know I have a major problem with him and I know people really wonder why I disrespect him. My first encounter with him was terrible.”

It’s not the first person accusing the singer of being disrespectful. Neither, is it the first person Kamene has shunned live on camera.

Wait, for real?

People are now starting to think Kamene is after clout after her recent outbursts. Remember Hudda Monroe’s attack?

Let’s just sit back and watch who’s next.