Jalong’o wants youth to focus on hustling if they want to be successful: That’s why “D” students are running this town

If you got a “D” grade and you currently can’t get a job in Nairobi, don’t count yourself out. In fact, you should consider it a blessing according to comedian Jalang’o.


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The comedian touched on the alarming unemployment state Kenyan youth have found themselves in urging graduates to think past their degrees and other academic results.

“Yes, you got an ‘A’. Yes, you got a first class honours. As much as you deserve to get a job immediately your ‘A’ does not guarantee you a job,” said Jalango.

“Coming to Nairobi and thinking that there is a place for you and a job for you because you are a first class honours student is a very big lie!”

Preach brother…

So what should youth do now that education is no longer a propriety? How will students leaving college and universities manoeuvre the tough conditions awaiting them?

“To survive with your A you must have a mentality of a D student,” said Jalango who has just started his bachelor’s degree at Daystar University almost 20 years after leaving high school.

“A “D” student believes and knows very well that there is nowhere his papers will take him, so he knows that for him to survive he must work a miracle and the miracle is working.”


Not exactly a D student himself ….. but Jalang’o was forced to put aside his KSCE results —- which were kinda impressive BTW— and hustle hard, doing whatever comes on his way.

That’s how he made his name and that’s how youth can do too.

“You find that D students are employing the Engineers, actuaries to run for them their businesses,” added Jalang’o.

“They actually run this town. They own petrol stations, car yards, food joints, apartments, they know every corner of China, they know what is cheap , spare part shops and all, It is so sad that you could be book smart but not street smart!! And as the D students are getting their hands dirty you get an A student 10 or 20 years later of job searching still believing that only his papers will save him!!”

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