Jalang’o now has a music record label dubbed HeavyJMusic

Comedian Jalang’o has been investing heavily since making a name in the entertainment business.

Jalas has a new investment, a recording label called HeavyJMusic that will focus on giving upcoming artists a chance to showcase their talent and win Kenyans …. like how he did with singer Masauti.

If you have been wondering why Jalang’o likes praising Masauti’s music so much, especially on social media, it’s probably because he made those songs.


Masauti is the first artist under HeavyJMusic (maybe not officially signed). Jalas now wants to expand his list.

“From the time I started working with Masauti, I learnt that there are many artists out there who are talented but just lack support, they need a bigger voice to showcase what they have!!” said Jalang’o when launching the label on social media.

“Kenya Music is going through a very interesting time, a time of growth and a time of prosperity, this is the time to give the artist what they deserve!”

Jalang’o is planning to sign unknown names and make them superstars. Not much about the label is out yet but it seems he’s up to something big.

The Kenyan music industry has seen Jalas in the past. This isn’t his first time.

Remember his song “Katumbo Dance” featuring DNG in 2011? Kenyans called it pure trash —this year during the play KE conversation after Jalas claimed artists have no content a reason why they don’t get on radio.

Ohh Shieeyt…

We just hope HeavyJMusic’s material will get better reviews.