If it’s true Capital FM’s Amina Abdi is being paid less than fellow host Fareed Khimani, then she should be angry

I didn’t hear Capital FM radio presenters Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi’s spurt last Friday. Word has it they exchanged a few words on air.

But if it’s true Amina is angry after finding out Fareed is earning waaay more than her, then she had the right to vent…and maybe call him an idiot as she did…on air.


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Fareed said he’s being paid more because he has the experience. But Amina has the fans..and experience too. This is not surgery. This entertainment. Experience counts …. but just as hype.

Khimani is a relic.

He was once valuable but not so much now. Fifteen years ago, Fareed and his co-host Seanice Kacungira ruled the Morning show space. Times have changed though and the two have lost their empire. Amina, on the other hand, is the new shiny toy that can do a lot —-host TV shows, lead corporate campaigns on social media, stand for women’s rights and MC. Everyone loves her and, always wants to play with her.

A football VS a PlayStation.

But Kenyans will always recycle their veterans.

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