I can explain why Beyonce’s album doesn’t have any East African artists…But my explanation is half wrong

Beyonce is trending more than Disney’s Lion King movie. All because of her new album “The Gift” that was inspired by the movie …. and features African artists. West African artists to be precise.

Since Thursday, The Gift has been eating me.

I didn’t sleep jana. No, for real.

Beyonce is known for her ability to pay attention to details and get everything right.


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So …. I can’t understand how she put West African artists only on that album. I don’t.

So ….. I came up with my own fallacy 😆😆

In one of the songs, “mood forever”, Beyonce says Jay Z came from Rwanda. His roots. Beyonce revealed her ancestors were from the Yoruba community in West Africa(the lady). The man was a white slave owner. That’s why she refers to herself as Oshun(Yoruba goddess).


Beyonce featured her village my friends. 🤣🤣. Jay represents EA artists. This was all about her people. Let’s move on.

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