How To Choose The Right Freelancers In Kenya

Javan Samora

Small businesses don’t always have the luxury of hiring full-time staff for each business function that needs to be fulfilled.

In Kenya, hiring a permanent employee can put a strain on your small business therefore many choose to go for freelancers.

But once there, you quickly realize getting someone who can handle your project looks like a far-fetched dream. And when you find one, he/she is abnormally expensive. So what do you?

To help you identify what to look for and how to reduce chances of landing the wrong person, here are a few pointers that will help you out:

1.Should be passionate about the job

An easy way to judge whether a freelancer will be dedicated to the project or not is by measuring his passion in the field. How interested is he/she? Or just wants to get paid and leave.

At QMG, we make sure before distributing content, the journalist behind the words is always super passionate about what he’s writing.

I love entertainment so I mostly do entertainment projects. John enjoys Tech so it’s wise giving him all the tech jobs. Having the right guys do the right jobs rarely goes wrong.

2. Project Budget

Your budget determines who you will hire. If you are working with a shoestring budget, then top freelancers might be a little bit hard to access. However, don’t let high charges fool you into believing someone is good. Some just charge premium because they can and not that they have perfected their craft in the field.

3. Vet freelancers to have a shortlist

No matter how lucky you think you might have been and miraculously landed on the ‘right person’ for the job, be patient and interview several other freelancers then eliminate till you have the best.

5. Interview, dig and dig and dig the freelancer

Creating a shortlist isn’t enough. Interview your candidates and dig them up. Try to find out how they work, how disciplined they are, and if working with them will be an uphill task. Ask for references and enquire from people they have worked with before.

This sounds tiresome but trust me, digging will save you a lot of stress and money in the long run.

4. Know what you want

Freelancers might know the job, but you need to have a clear picture of what you want first before approaching them to avoid confusion.

A good trick is to clearly explain in written form what you want to achieve in your project’s description.

5. Have a contract

Once you’ve found a freelancer for your project, have them sign a contract that clearly outlines expectations, deliverables, deadlines and fees before the work begins.

Detail the level of communication that’s expected:

  • Should the freelancer provide regular updates on project progress?
  • Will you only hear from them when the project is complete?
  • And should things not go well, how do you end the contract?


It’s never easy finding the right freelancer for your project. To be very honest it’s a daunting task that can consume you.

The problem with getting freelancers is that it’s a trial and error affair until you land on the right person. It turns out to be time-consuming, tiring, and expensive in the end.

This is the sole reason why I started QMG; to help local businesses in Kenya access quality content at amazing prices.

We have over 32 journalists dedicated to creating awesome content for your small company.

All you need to do is explain to us what needs to be done and we do everything else. Let us help you finish those pending projects stress-free.