How often should update your website

How Often Should You Update Your Business Website?

Javan Samora

You have just finished building your website now you are ready for business and then it hits you, how much content should I be posting? And how often?

These are two very simple questions that a majority of businesses, not only in Kenya but Africa in general, really struggle with.

How Often Should You Update Your Business Website?

Updating your website is a crucial step in the development of your business and its brand. It’s a way to keep your content up to date, your customers informed on new products and services, and enhance your website’s SEO value.

So before answering the two questions above, it’s also good to ask yourself another question; why are you updating your website in the first place?

Updating a business website has various purposes such as communication, education, interaction, improve ranking, could be for more traffic, to boost sales etc. The reasons are many. 

Therefore, it’s evident that you just don’t update your website for the sake of it. There’s always a reason behind it. 

In general, at QMG we simply encourage our clients to update their websites as often as possible. 

How Often Should You Update Your Business Website?

It is important to keep your website up-to-date for both customers and search engines. When a website is regularly updated, Google recognizes this and treats it as relevant.

Regular website updates are one of the many things that Google considers for its search engine rankings; therefore, a frequently updated website will have more success with organic search engine rankings than a website that has been left unattended to over the years to collect dust.

Depending on your business, here’s how often you should be posting and updating your site:

Blog 2 to 4 Times a Week

These can be educative, informative and customer-oriented articles from your business. Blogging 2-4 times a week ensures you don’t post too much or way less. You don’t want to get your customers blotted with content. At QMG for example, I post just twice a week.

How Often Should You Update Your Business Website?

Update Contact Info, Staff Bios and FAQ Immediately

Any time your company changes phone numbers, email addresses, or mailing addresses, it is critical that you update your website immediately to reflect the newest information. 

Plan a quarterly website audit

Sometimes we get too busy that we forget to go through our websites.Plan a routined website check after every three months to see what’s working and what’s not.

Make manor adjustments where necessary to keep you abreast with the industry and online changes that happen almost daily.

How Often Should You Update Your Business Website?

A total redesign should come after 2-3 years or when your market demands it. 

A redesign calls for hours spent researching, planning, designing, developing and testing. Don’t just jump into it unless very necessary and most importantly, with a particular goal in mind.