Health issues force Akothee to pull back: ‘I have been digging an early grave’

Singer Akothee has slowly been killing herself. Literally.

The mother of five was recently on social media to explain why her Europe tour has been canceled, saying that her busy schedule has taken a toll on her health.

“I took a break to come to Europe and look at my life from a distance , and I have realized, that I have been digging an early grave,” said the singer on Instagram.


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“I have no one to blame here, I am not even going to blame myself because I can still fix it , it’s hard and heavy, what I control, some people would be in hospital everywhere for burn out , God has given me energy , brain and a good heart , he will not allow me suffer, I will pull through.”

When did it start?…

Akothee has been fighting health issues for the better part of her career. Fatigue has put her on hospital beds at least 5 times since 2017. Stress from family members, she shared, has also been a major reason why her health has deteriorated.

So now what?…

I her post, Akothee said that she had to stop and take a breath or everything she has been working for might vaporize.

“I cannot motivate you or inspire you when I am broken and down. I cannot entertain you when my heart is full of pain and worries, I cannot grow bigger if the wealth I already accumulated is not attended to or taken care of ,” said the singer.

“I am a person who never live in fantasy or miracles, I am a person who believes in hard work and bring responsible RESULTS. I know and understand that my children are still young, and some committed in school , I can’t wait for them to Grow up and take over the wealth I accumulated for them, I am proud that I am overwhelmed with work and nor that I am looking for a job , its a blessing , I cant complain. wherever you are , pray with me, I know my grandma is praying with me too.”

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