Mike Sonko wants you to love your Sidechick but …. not more than your wife: ‘You’ll never have domestic issues in your marriage’

Getting a sidechick but making sure you never treat her better than your wife is one way you can avoid domestic quarrels, says Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Another way, according to the governor, is to respect your wife. You better take this to the bank coz he has done this and his marriage has survived long enough.

21 years if you want the exact number.

“No, No, just balance the equation,” he said.

Tell me more…

“This the reason why my marriage with the 1st lady of Nairobi has been so successful for the last 21 years. However for your woman to give you this kind of treatment you must love her and give her the respect she deserves.”

“Sio kupenda mipango za kando zaidi kushinda ma wives. You will never have domestic issues in your marriage as we say ndoa nikuvumiliana. Ni wanaume wangapi hupigiwa simu hivi na wives zao on daily basis na musidanganye?” 

A viral clip of a Swahili woman talking to his husband in a soft, soothing, calming and “very respectful” tone brought Sonko to this statement.

His wife treats him that way …. and, he believes many men don’t enjoy such treatment.


Also, given that he has been in the blogs for the better part of this month for allegedly having flings with Pastor Lucy Natasha, former Women Rep Rachel Shebesh and …. maybe a few other media girls, perhaps Sonko felt like he should at least say something.

As expected, the post fired up social media.