Forget King Bae, Zari now focused on Sonko: ‘He is the man I have secretly admired for a long time’

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is rich, down to earth, relatively young and quite famous.

And therefore it’s not by coincidence that socialite Zari Hassan can’t stop thinking about him. These are the qualities she looks for in a man.

Zari recently confessed in a radio interview in South Africa that she has a crush on Sonko, and she hopes she’ll meet him before the year ends.

“He is not as boyish as the other kid who has been chasing me around,” Zari, who is now in her 40s said.

“I want to reveal my love for the handsome Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. I love this handsome governor because he is a man of impeccable character and passionate convictions.”

Say what?…

Zari confessed that Sonko has been on her mind because she reminds her of someone she once loved. Someone who was humble. Someone who was also rich yet down to earth. Someone, who the Ugandan community enjoyed having around because of his big heart.

Her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

Zari married the Ugandan tycoon in 2004 and they had three children together. He died in 2016 after a short illness. While Zari worshiped flamboyance, Ivan was famed for his charity and selfless donations to the society.


Zari, who was in Kenya just a few weeks ago to link up with singer Akothee, is expected to return in December. She might shoot her shot when she arrives now that Sonko is fully aware of her statement.

Till then, she wants you to tell Sonko she loves his personality … just in case you meet.

“If you see mike, please pass a word to him and tell him someone cares about him,” said the socialite in the radio interview.

“I love this man because despite being powerful, he shares traits with my late beloved husband Ivan who loved to help the poor.”