Fena Gitu charges around 500K per show: “But it doesn’t happen every time.”

If you’re thinking of booking rapper Fena Gitu for a show then you better have at least half a million in your bank account.


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The rapper spoke to Betty Kyalo on her show “Upclose with Betty” on K24 TV where she said she might be milking in now with performance fees but starting out –a decade ago– wasn’t easy.

“There was a time I couldn’t breath and now I am coming up for air, levitating,” said Fena, who, has been a trending topic regarding her sexuality.

“I have gone through ups and downs. 2017 and 2016 were probably my worst years. I was flat broke, living on my best friend’s floor and just trying to make ends meet. Ni venye tu you don’t go announcing (your problems). I took that time to strategize and focus on me and just grow.”

She said that even though her rates are now dancing around 500k, in 2009 she got her first paycheck and …. it was less than her transaction fee now.

“I was paid Sh 5,000 after my first paying gig,” she said.


“It took a while (to earn a lot from music). As an upcoming artiste, you can’t expect to be paid 100Gs per show. I try and quote about as much as it would cost me to shoot a video. About half a mike (half a million) depending, but it doesn’t happen every time.”

Betty and Fena sat down and spoke on a lot of things. Just like most of the other episodes from the show, this one is worth your time too.

And oh, btw, if you’re itching to know what Gitu told Betty regarding her sexuality, she didn’t mince her words.

Tell me more…

Is she a lesbian?

“As for my sexuality, it is no one’s business,” she told Betty.

“I mean even you when people are always on your case and blogs and stuff, it’s no one’s business what you do in your home. And I don’t wanna feed on that. I am here because I am a musician first. But I am very single.”

Watch her below:

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