Fastest way to get heartbroken? Post your relationship on social media or just date a celeb, Mimi Mars believes

If you are posting your lover on social media every day, or, dating a celeb, just know your relationship’s clock is ticking and soon, you’ll be very much single …. that is according to Tanzanian singer Mimi Mars.

Mimi Mars is Vanesa Mdee’s sister. She weighed in on her sister’s recent public confession that she was hurt after seeing her ex-boyfie Juma Jux —an artist also— post his new catch on social media just a few weeks after separating.

Mimi believes it was bound to happen anyway. Mars explained that she witnessed the tension between Jux and Mdee first-hand and is not prepared to walk the same road.


Jux and Mdee

“It has taught me two things; one, never date a celebrity, two, never make your relationship public,” said Mimi.

Jux and Mdee released a video this week fueling rumours that they haven’t broken up at all, but just showbizing.

Mimi, however, insisted they are no longer together.

“Jux’s upcoming is titled Love, and Vanessa’s is Money Mondays. Love Money tour is an amalgamation of projects they both worked on before they separated,” she added.

Jux’s new catch. She’s one hot babe.

Mdee and Jux have dated for almost three years until their break up. It’s the second time the two are partying ways.

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Jux went for the Chinese lady who has some killer curves (though not real but who cares) and has been flaunting on social media with her. A lot.