Ethic’s song ‘Figa’ deleted by Youtube and Apple Music because it’s a copypaste. Manager claims it’s part of their ‘bigger plan’

Ethic’s new song “Figa” is no longer on Youtube, Apple Music and other online streaming services because they apparently jacked the beat and are now facing copyright issues.


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Zilla, Seska, Swat and Rekless, who make up the group, it has come to our knowledge, used a beat from Puri, Jhorrmountain and Adje’s 2017 banger ‘Coño’ and …. it’s a direct copypaste.

Almost hitting a million-plus views on Youtube, Figa was huge. Most remember it from NRG’s Kamene Goro’s cameo as the video vixen.

Losing Figa to copyright issues isn’t just bad for Ethic’s, it’s also a bad rep for AI records which just signed them and released it as their first project.


Did we mention AI Records is under Universal Music Group? Yep. The Kenyan record label was bought last year through UMG’s Dutch subsidiary. UMG acquired 70%.

Ethic’s manager John Mbugua did some damage control, surprisingly saying this is all part of their game plan. The video will be back soon.

“We just planning on something that included us taking it down. So it is part of a bigger plan,”  Mbuga stated. 

“Yeah, yeah at some point like we just doing something then we finish doing whatever we are doing it will be back.”

FYI, it not the first time Ethic’s song has been deleted on Youtube.


Lamba Lolo, a song that ushered them to fame, was also deleted a year after it was posted on Youtube.

However, the explicit video —which was reposted later on— wasn’t deleted because of copyright issues but rather after their former manager, Teleh Mani, accused them of fraud.

Mani accused the group of not paying for his services and failing to split the song’s revenue.

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