Eric Omondi remembers how Churchill approached him: ‘I have never told this story to anyone anywhere’

It’s a story Eric Omondi has shared over and over again. And ….. on Thursday night, in Naivasha during a Churchhill Show, he shared the story yet again.

“I have never told this story to anyone anywhere. People keep asking me how I met Churchill,” Eric, who surprised Churchill by making an unexpected appearance after seven years of staying away from the show, said.


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“In 2006, while I was a second-year student at Daystar, I was an MC at an event which Churchill attended. He was impressed by my skills. I was to ask for his phone number later, but he asked for mine. I waited for two years before he called me in 2008 to inquire if I was ready to perform.”

Omondi was just another student trying to find his path until that phone call came. Churchill, who was then trying to put the Churchill Show together, saw Omondi was a diamond in the rough after watching him MCee.


“I used to MC at events and people would later tell me that I made them laugh,” Omondi said.

“They kept on asking me to conduct other events. Then one day, when I learnt that Churchill, who was prominent at that time, would attend an event in the school, I got excited.

“I did not want to propose myself to MC the event. So I waited. However, I was given the chance and so I really did my best. I performed narratives and poems.”

Tell me more…

Eric said after the two years, true to his words, Churchill called…with good news. News that changed Omondi’s life forever.

“He asked me to watch 12 episodes of the show and to get ready to perform at the 13th episode,” Omondi told the crowd. “That was my breakthrough.”

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