DK Kwenye Beat claims gospel artists used witchcraft to convince masses he had herpes, says he’ll expose and never forgive them

On his 29th birthday, gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat just wanted to set the record straight regarding his rape/herpes allegations after five months of agony and ridicule.

Apparently, he only made things worse.


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On Tuesday, the singer appeared on Massawe Japanni’s show on Radio Jambo to clear things out but kinda left Kenyans a little bit confused. He claimed that he was innocent and everything posted online was all fabricated.

It was organised to ensure his career goes up in flames according to the gospel artist who was exposed alongside fellow singer Hopekid.

“First of all, I chose to clear this during my birthday because I don’t want to ever talk about it,” said the singer who was accused of raping and infecting a 20-year-old lady with herpes.

“I want to put this clear today that I did not rape anyone. I am not sick. I have all the results, and she was not my lover. The leaked audio that was circulated was not me.”


DK said it hurts that he had to go for all the check ups —which all came up negative btw— but Kenyans still believe he’s carrying the sexually transmitted infection.

“The counselling stressed me so much,” said DK in the interview. “I was counselled for something I don’t have. I went to a government facility and tested for everything, even HIV-Aids. ”

Say what?…

Surprisingly, it’s fellow gospel singers who are causing all these agony. According to the singer, some artists are using witchcraft to wreck havoc in his life….and career.

“Five per cent of them are people in the gospel industry and they use witchcraft,” he said.

“They even know that I know them. Two per cent of them are people in a chama, and three per cent are people with a bad heart. We are not perfect, and that is why I chose to give them time. I have lost reputation, I have lost deal,s but I know I did not lose my God.”

The situation has stressed the born again christian so much that it has now pushed him to forget a core christian value; forgiveness.

“I will not forgive those who were involved in bringing me down,” he added.

“I don’t wish any good for them. I don’t wish any good for them. The fact that I can’t change the whole scenario affects me so much, but I know it is only God who can save and redeem me from that.”